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New homes and Housing - We have some of the best tours imaginable. Well, I'm modest - I do take our clients to the new home and new builder centers to new homes and construction sites that fit their criteria. That saves a lot of time. For example, if my clients are qualified for 750k, want an HOA not exceeding $250.00 a month and only want to buy a home with less than .5% Mello roos, then I will take them to a particular builder. Continued after this form (when you start to consider buying a new home - reach out to me immediately!)

When the Millennials retire

When they do they are going to need more housing that is available now outfitted with the items that today's seniors want.

Most home buyers that we are working with that within the senior ages or on their way are looking for single story homes. They want a single level because their knees ache when attempting to climb stairs to a second story.

Of course, the weather in the Santa Clarita Valley, in Southern California is great for everyone, older or younger.

But, to buy a home that has grab bars, easy entry showers, and other items that make it easier to live on a day to day basis, those are items that are being considered today with the new homes being built.

I have to tell you that I was listening to Handel on KFI AM 640 this morning when I heard his guest getting into some of the new home builder thoughts when designing homes for today.

They are considering the future of the homes and who will habituate them at those far off points.

Something that I thought that was interesting had to do with the homes being outfitted with senior desired items today, but having those items masked or hidden from view. Those items in the future would be able to be "activated" when a senior desired them at some point in the future.

Elevators - that was discussed smartly on the radio show and items discussed were Handel talking about his residence having an elevator, but needing to have the home built around it at the time of construction.

However, that is something that does not have to happen today apparently. There are pneumatic elevators. Like the money tubes using air to move the capsule from one point to another, these new elevators are pre-made, shipped assembled, operate on 220V and only need 36" of space square.

Therefore, a home builder would have a couple of closets, one upstairs and one downstairs only placed for overflow and not necessary, for the intended purpose of having an elevator installed in the future.

A builder could add additional reinforcements to the bathrooms to allow for the addition of help bars at some point when they are needed without the cost of installing them from scratch.

Senior communities in Santa Clarita Valley homes for sale

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Smart right? We have been representing those of you who are in the higher class bracket since 1998. I will tell you that we are proud and blessed to be able to do so.

When you are ready to make the decision to move into one of these communities, please let me know and I'll be glad to run interference for you and yours. I have been selling homes and real estate since 1998 and am proud to protect and serve your real estate needs.

Considerations for Senior Housing

While some view the term "senior housing" to be somewhat offensive, to me, as I approach, means not being "put out to pasture". It means that I can find like-minded people who have things to talk about and common interests.

Have you ever tried talking to a person in their 20's? Besides education and employment, life stuff is not pertinent to my mindset. At least that is what I have observed.

But give me someone plus or minus 10 years from my current age and the innuendo and sarcasm align well.

In addition within the adult communities, there are many more enforcement mechanisms than you will find within the "only" HOA controlled communities - which means more peace and quiet.

Most of the Senior communities are gated and have 24-hour security at the gate and on patrol within the community to keep riff-raff to a minimum or even nonexistent.

Coming from a Law Enforcement background makes this special to me. Having that kind of security trumps most, as I have seen first hand. The criminal element would rather caper elsewhere than within a gated community with very few exits.

You see, it makes their escape much harder.

Something else that happens at most senior communities is the vetting by the association elders. Elders not denoting age, but position. They are on the board and have to personally interview every person who is going to live within the association.

For example, if you are a senior married to a 20-year-old, you are probably going to be okay. If you have grandkids and a boomerang child who will be moving in with you, they may turn you away. If you are in this position, as a lot of us are, you need to ask ahead of time before you close escrow so you don't regret buying there later.

Pets are a big deal at some senior housing communities. Being able to only have a certain amount, type and weight, those are restrictions that I have seen not only at Senior housing but also within the rules set forth by non-senior housing homeowners CC&R's. CC&R = Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

We have had circumstances arise where our buyers have had a couple of older dogs which were too large to be allowed.

Also, I have experienced issues with specific types of k9 breeds. Some of them are viewed as being Too-Hostile for the senior community.

Other restrictions that you may not have expected.

What about washing your car yourself? Interesting idea? If you are one that likes to keep their car cleaned and want to do it outside of the Senior home you have purchased, you may want to think again.

Make sure you have covered those CC&R's while you have had the chance before you are the proud owner of a new senior community space/home/apartment/condo or townhome.

If you don't want to go to that trouble, a simple phone call works wonders. However, you need to be sure to get the name of the person you have asked the question to and from whom you received a positive response. Also, even if you have the name of that person and their blood type, it may fall on deaf and unenforceable ears. The powers that be will still tell you that you should have relied on the documents that you signed off receiving and understanding and that you said you'd obey during the escrow process when buying the home.

It's important to know what you are getting into with any HOA controlled community, even those which are not senior in nature.

These are many items that are really important for you to pay attention to when buying a home in a Senior community.

When we sell a home and are within the escrow process, I want my home buyers to do other investigations besides the usual of having a home inspection and a pest control (termite) inspection.

I want my home buyers to do two additional things. A call to the local police department or sheriff's department is super important. Ask if there is a patrol cop or deputy that is "in charge" of the homes or patrol area - then give your address.

In most cases, you are going to find that there is some sort of "overseeing" officer, detective or someone whom you will be able to talk with that knows the area very well.

They also may have it as we did at the LAPD, where we had a senior lead officer which was the liaison between the detectives that were handling the criminal investigations that had been reported and the patrol officers that work in that specific community.

The feedback may be that nothing happens and that is an area that has no reported crime. You also can get the intel given to you the other way and decide that is not a place where you want to be living.

You won't know if you don't ask and I will tell you that no one is going to call you up to inform you.

The second item that most agents won't tell you is how important door knocking is. If you are buying a home, condo or townhome in any community, in any city or neighborhood, you need to meet the neighbors.

These are going to be the homes, apartments, condos, and town-homes that will impact you the most. Those that have property boundaries in common with your property.

Those residences that are next door, behind, in front and diagonal from yours.

Approach them with those who are going to be living with you or frequently visiting and start door knocking.

Introduce yourself, "Hi, I'm Carl and this is Delbert, we are buying the place (next door, across the street or a couple of streets over), we thought we should ask you if there is anything we should know before moving in?"

Talk about open-ended - it's the open-ended questions that are going to give you the best feedback. In response to this question, the neighbor may ask what you mean. If they do ask them if there are any strange neighbors, criminals at large or any things that make they themselves regret in the living in the neighborhood?

Some of those who you speak with may not be so chatty. However, I'm positive you will find someone who will become known as the "chatty Kathy" of the neighborhood. The Local Busy Body. They will tell you like it is and most neighborhoods have one, you only have to seek them out.

When I tell my buyers to call the local law enforcement offices, I mean for them to call on the public line and not 911, unless they have an emergency.

When calling they'd expect to have the deputy tight-lipped or the cop very unresponsive. In some cases, this may be true. However, most law enforcement agencies, even the smaller ones, have a way to track crime on a map.

That information is public information and everyone should have access to it. Just get the crime map for the neighborhood you are moving into.

There are also multiple apps that you can download and websites that are online. Just be wary before giving up any personal or private information when wanting to get the neighborhood intel on the online or app systems. They may be selling your personal and private information to those who will spam you incessantly. So - Watch Out.

When wanting to search for the senior homes located in senior communities, make sure those systems to are not going to sell your personal and private information.

Remember my website. SCVnest.com - I have been at this selling homes and representing all home buyers, even Seniors, since 1998. I will tell you that it took some age to get on me before I became the trusted senior housing resource that I am today.

There are systems for home searching online that have been built with the taking of your personal information and selling it to those willing to pay. I will tell you that in the eyes of the syndication real estate websites, business is good.

It's not just real estate agents, but reverse mortgage lenders, adult assisted living communities, grocery stores, legal professionals, trust advisors, wealth coaches and more.

When your phone rings after you do a home search for Santa Clarita adult homes for sale, the caller may not be a real estate agent. The caller, the emailer the snail mailer maybe from somewhere you did not expect.

I'm not a fan of the "interruption marketing" that most love. I don't knock on doors to get listings and interrupt a person's dinner. I keep my presence high online where those are searching for what they want at the time.

All they have to do is look at the page where the ads are not and they will find me when it comes to REMAX Gateway and Santa Clarita real estate.

When you are ready, I'm here. Be safe and thanks for taking the time to read this article about Santa Clarita Senior Housing.

Here is a video showing you how to search for the adult communities in Santa Clarita and in the rest of Southern California. When you find something or when you are ready for me to sell yours or do a search for you, call me - 661.400.1720.