Kind of a relaxed demeanor with one of my favorite workout shirts. Welcome to the Friday Broadcast for the Santa Clarita real estate radio show, I'm Connor MacIvor, your host.

I have the longest running real estate radio show and syndicated podcast in the SCV cities. My vanity URL is and I'm glad to be a part of your day.

Sometimes, when I'm out with others in my industry, they tell me about how they "hook em". While I just sit back and don't doubt they have to "hook them" when I'm just meandering through and Blessed to have plenty of business.

I am surprised to hear what some will take when it comes to high-pressure agents and also discover that most of those who are "taking it" is being referred to said agent.

When we are the "next choice" after the buyer/seller were turned off by some action or due to the high-pressure method, I ask. "What went wrong with your last agent?" It may be they did not like bright colored shoes - I could learn from that. However, in most cases, it comes down to treatment. They did not feel secure. They did not feel like the agent in question had their best interest at heart.

There are so many real estate agents and even more real estate search websites. When someone selects a real estate or even a local Santa Clarita real estate website, they should be honored. I know we are honored to the 9's.

Enjoy today's Santa Clarita real estate video. We are in the business of helping our clients, not just to find or sell real estate, but to be protected and served well before, during and after the transaction.