With the current market data being scrubbed and made available by the independent research company that was hired by The Paris911 team at REMAX of Santa Clarita Valley several years ago, you are going to stay on top of the most current real estate data. We have been in the real estate game since 1998 and know it is the relevant data that drives the market.

We have seen some differences between Valencia and Stevenson Ranch this week on a couple of fronts. First off, Stevenson Ranch has a higher price trend per foot - at $222 versus Valencia CA at $202. The square foot per home with regard to median numbers - Valencia 2400ish and Stevenson Ranch 3400ish. Almost a 1k square foot difference between cities and their median sales price calculations.

When you are approaching the "real estate sales" front. The data that you are given to you by the realtors you are interviewing (and yes - you are going to want to interview more than one local Santa Clarita real estate agents!), needs to be verifiable. When you are wanting to make decisions that are in reference to large monetary sums - you need the best and most expert advice.

Choose someone that has been in the trenches and knows about the Trust then Business equation.

If you want to get these reports for yourselves. all you have to do is head over to one of the Top Santa Clarita real estate websites for homes. When you get there, you will see two interactive search maps. Both are FED directly by the Internet Data Exchange with all of the listing information drawn from the local Multiple listing services.

The second thing you are going to want to do is view our Santa Clarita Top Realtor Video. It's me. Your's Truly, Connor MacIvor. I had fun presenting that one and if you want you can to go the MacBoX and type in the words YouTube Video to see it.

Back to the Santa Clarita housing reports. All you have to do to obtain those is type the word "Reports" into the macBoX on the same top realtor side of Paris911 dot com. Enjoy and let us know when you are ready to interview my team and I.