It is really hard to keep this quiet.  When everyone in Real Estate is not wanting to share any information with any of us "competitors" I don't have a problem letting other's in my industry know what I am up to.

So, here is the newest thing and I think this will catch on. (I think I said the same thing about Facebook and the Internet)

Spatial Match, no I don't own stock in the company (as a matter of fact, this is not an attempt at affiliate marketing whatsoever), is going to catch on.  I for see that this Search Tool for Real Estate will become something that will be talked about for a long time to come.  More important than being talked about will be the fact it will be used, before, during and after the Real Estate Dealing has been completed.

For agents this is very important.  I have heard "bad reports" from folks, that they have never heard from their agent, after a Real Estate Deal has closed.  Like crickets in a room void of furniture.  Nothing, Nada - but this will assist you with the task because this system cause the client to return to check on other "community type" information.

Here are a couple of fun links that I built, quickly, with the Spatial Match Lifestyle Search:

Check it out - play around with it - if you want to see a full page rendering of this Santa Clarita Lifestyle Search engine - Click Here.