We have built a Santa Clarita Real Estate Video Blog around a Wordpress site.  Each day, I have not missed yet :-), we will be posting  the most recent listings and market activity for the Santa Clarita Valley from our You Tube Channel at SCVMoves.

After a few video's you will see the most current trend is the Short Sale home, condo and town-home for sale.  However, recently we had a bit of something peculiar happen with regard to what I was used to seeing.  Out of 12 new listings - 10 were standard sales and the others were mixed with Foreclosures and Short Sales.

I want to say that is a GREAT indicator that we are on the Road to Real Estate Recovery in the Santa Clarita Valley - but I need more data in order to render an opinion.

With the foreclosures being bought in bulk sales and exchanging hands from one bank to another - it is definitely hard to tell at this point if recovery is around the corner.

I do know for a fact that the "Short Sale" is going to be around for a while.  When you are considering short selling or having a short pay negotiated for yourself, make sure you are working with someone that has been tried and proven in their approach and by their results.

There are many moving parts with a Short Sale.  With each one, the handler from the bank is different, even within the same Financial institution.  Therefore the letter, releasing the seller of any further harm, needs to be formatted in a certain way. This formatting is part of the negotiation and is very much dependent on the ability of the Short Sale Negotiator that you are hiring.