A Triple Plural - Agents - Ratings - Websites?  You know, they are starting to saturate the "PPC", Pay Per Click, arena.

You can see those at the tops of the pages in Bing and Google.  Agent ratings websites - what are they about?

REMAX's Paris911 TeamBig Money.  There is big money in selling leads to real estate agents.  No matter where those leads come from - as long as a real estate agent can close a lead - they will gladly pay money to the source.

I have seen three new "review" websites, as of late, pop up at the top of Bing and Google.  I checked into each, and in all cases, they do not allow the agents to pay for anything upfront.  They also don't allow for the "prospective buyers or sellers" pay either.

They make their money, when a buyer or seller searches on their website and when that buyer or seller is referred to a real estate agent and they(that referred to agent) closes the transaction.

The agent gives a 30% referral fee to the website where the lead came from.

I'm going to throw out a "dare" out to the Real Estate Review Websites and the Real Estate Syndication Websites.  To all of those websites that monetize the unsuspecting buyers and sellers of the world.

Why don't you get off of the "PPC" It's very addictive :) - and get where people are really searching.  The websites that Google and Bing say are "authorities" in real estate.  Those results are within the organic results.

Try adding value to the buyers and sellers of the world.  Give them something they can chew on and quit attempting to sell their personal information and search habits.

You cannot buy those spots.  Get some and get writing :)