With the advent of the "social marketing" space, there are a lot of those that are subscribing to on-line Marketing, Video, SMS, Text and Auto Responder programs that will have your head spinning.

They promise to get you in front of more eyes than you are capable of getting on your own.  They will also tout they are able to get your Brand Recognized by more of those people that are searching for it.  Some are paying a "hefty" expense for these services, which might end up turning off more than might be converted.People hate to be interrupted

I don't have a problem with those that are working in the "social marketing" space, but I think your Friends and Family might.  I know two things for certain - people love to buy - but people hate to be sold...

Seth Godin wrote a book titled, "Permission Marketing", some time ago.  Within it's pages it is his statement, that the time of "interrupting", has passed on.  In fact, I have a few things I don't like when it comes to Interruption Marketers:

  • I don't like to be interrupted.
  • I don't like spam in my inbox.
  • I don't like having to stand over the trash can as I go through my mail.
  • I don't like opening my front door only to find the door hangers, flyers and business cards stuffed in the door jam.
  • I don't like to see people put how wonderful they are at their business on Facebook within their Personal Page.  Examples are: "Closed another three, Five New Buyers, I am the BEST Real Estate Agent in the world."  That is what Business Pages and Fan Pages are for.
  • I cannot stand the phone calls that I answer that have a pre-recorded message attempting to sell me something.   
  • The Text/SMS that comes in to my cellular phone with a hyper-link to a product or service, that I did not ask for and did not want, seems to me, to be the most offensive.

Social Spaces, Facebook - Twitter - My Space(crashing fast), and others that are new, are changing the ways marketers think.  Big Industry cannot compete with the "one on one" associations and connections that are being formed on Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, they would rather get 100,000 weak connections, than work on getting 5 Solid - 3" in diameter rebar - type connections.  I understand what the "BIG business" of today see's when they attempt to "pencil out", 5 versus 100,000.  They cannot compete any longer with those that are answering specific questions and forming one on one relationships in the Social Strata.

Application of the "non-interruption" marketing.  We answer real estate questions directly, one on one, on Facebook and on Twitter.  We answer "direct" phone calls from people that have real estate questions and never once does "monetization" enter our minds when we are FBing, Tweeting or Answering any Question.  If the question is really awesome, we will write a blog post and direct the person with the question to the post.  This is for the purpose of having all to see, that are "google-ing" about the same question.

Text Spammers

Just after I wrote this post I received this on my Cell Phone

Rentals - We don't do rentals, but I help people that have questions about rentals, no "referral" agreement, nothing - just helping.  We don't handle Mobile Homes, but we help people with questions and that want to buy mobile homes, with no "referral" agreement - just referring to a quality Mobile Home Experts.  These are a few of the things "We Don't Do", but know those that do these things well, it is about helping the consumer/client without any expectation.

I know people that do shutters and window coverings, Commercial Realtors, Office Space Leasers, Essential Oil Re-Sellers, Doctors, BK attorneys, The Best Sushi Restaurants, Great places to have a drink with friends, the friendliest Grocery Stores, and much more.  Every time I write - I remember and attempt to tell anyone who asks...  See the key?  "Tell Anyone who Asks..."  I'm not forcing - I am answering.

How much time do you have to answer questions that you won't be paid for?  First, who's to say you won't be paid?  You never know.  I tried every day when I was full time LAPD to never take anything for granted.  Helping first, in the Public Service Industry, is what you do.  Moving from the Hourly Wage to Commission Based Sales, I never will forget what people want.  They want help without having someone shove their hand in their pocket.

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