A lot of our clients have asked the question if we have ever contemplated opening up a property management company.

Yes we have.  We are working on the logistics of the approach to representing renters with finding rentals. We are also contemplating getting together the mechanism torenting a home in scv represent the property owner with leasing and managing their properties.


  • I don't want to build into contract a clause that makes our Landlord have to list their home with us when they decide to sell. (sellers have a choice, never should an obligation be built into a Lease or Rental contract with a management company or leasing company)
  • I don't want to press renters into utilizing our services because we have helped them. (some folks are better renters)

Where are we today?
We give intel to anyone calling about rentals that populate the MLS - We also refer business to the local Rental and property management companies.

We love to represent sellers and buyers with their real estate needs.  Is becoming property managers, leasing agents, or rental representatives a conflict of interest when it comes to Real Estate Resellers?

While I struggle to obtain the answer...  One thought rings clear - it is about the representation, security and protection of our clients.  Paris and I have gone round and around about whether or not we should start building this aspect of our Real Estate business.  Still torn, we will keep you posted.

When we started in real estate - We only wanted to do one thing and that one thing well (Represent Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate).  I guess, while I'm just pouring my mind out on paper related to this topic, it is like us considering becoming Real Estate Lenders, I'm not going there for sure :-)