When we are blessed to be granted real estate listings in the San Fernando Valley, it only is because of one reason. The sellers consider us as the best real estate listing agents that can be found.  On this particular listing - there were over 10 agents interviewed.  There is nothing quite like the "win" and feelings associated with beating out that many "qualified" realtors in the hiring process.

Have a look through these photos of this property located in Granada Hills.  It will be on the market soon, but at this time the seller wants me to work my networking groups and business databases to see if I can locate an interested buyer.

When someone wants to sell a home they should be interviewing multiple real estate agents.  I don't know if I'd interview 10 - I'd probably start drinking early that day :) - but some have the patience to endure all of that "rambling" about web 2.0 and other stuff that makes no sense to a real estate agent that does not use "smoke and mirrors" to win listings.

If Granada Hills real estate is something that interests you or someone you know.  Have a look at the latest three listings we have placed below that are located in Granada Hills CA.  Each is one where we are searching for interested real estate buyers.  Feel free to reach to us and request further information for the following properties:

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