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We have been duped yet again - HUD had a little change to their website - and they are now placing all of the properties via map that are within the Good Neighbor Next Door Program. From HUD"s Mouth to my ear to his blog post - here are the instructions.

Landing on the Good Neighbor Program page is not enough - checking out  the states that are "darker" in appearance is the key (now).  If anything changes with reference to this, I'll post that back on our Good Neighbor Next Door systems.

At the time of me writing this post - California was not a "darker and clickable" state. - Therefore, there are none in the Great State of California Currently.  I will keep watching and make sure you register for our HUDAlerts.com - to keep in the know.

Click on the photo below to check back often to see when there is a new property on the GNP List - Be Safe - I check once a day for our clients:

Here is the "Click Here" for the Link to the site with the map of which I speak.

Again - pay particular attention to the states that are "dark blue" in color - those are the states that currently have properties that are being advertised specifically for the Good Neighbor Program Lottery - Where Police, Fire, Teachers, and Firefighters get a home at 50% off of the appraised value.