So many visitors so little time, I hear the info scrapers say. These folks are getting paid, either directly, or indirectly to get your personal and private information.

New Homes - Indirectly

When you go to a new home development or visit the new home builder community, the agent that you run into works for the seller. They have been hired by the new home builder to represent them.

They are on the payroll to be on the seller's side 100%.

The new home builders allow you to have your own agent. They will pay for it. They pay for you to have your own agent at no cost to you. There are no additional discounts or incentives you will get by working with the new home seller's agent.

In fact, I see that the series of questions I ask in front of my new home clients to the new home builder agent to be quite revealing for all parties. In some cases, the new home agent doesn't have the answer and says they will have to get back to us.

That fact alone should give you pause.

The "however" of new homes

However, if you go to the new home builder community without me, and give up your name, you have just given up your right to have your own agent by your side during the new home sales selection and sales process.

To get to the point, don't give up any personal information whatsoever if you visit any new home or new home builder community. Nothing, Zero, Zilch, Nada - Don't even leave your first name on a cocktail napkin in the new home builders garbage can.

To be represented at no cost or detriment to you by your own agent who knows the right questions to ask the new home builder's representative so you can obtain your very best deal, and hopefully not pay sticker for the new home, that is worth what could equate to being a lot of money.

Don't sign anything, don't leave your name, don't leave any personal information. Make sure you take me with you on your first visit, let's get you scheduled for a new home tour if they are of interest to you.

I can set up those new home tours in communities within Southern California within your price range, with the amenities you desire, without the things you don't want - like extra taxes or high HOA fee's.

Playing Spy at Open Houses

The act of Playing Spy is not about stealing secrets for our or foreign governments, it's about protecting yourself from spam and giving away your hard earned dollars.

If you were to give up who you are at a new home, that means that you cannot have us as your negotiator on your side, and that could equate to you giving up money because of not being aggressive enough with the new home's representative. We have gotten our clients tons of discounts at new home builder communities!!!

Now, if you are going to visit an open house, that is another place where you should not give up any personal or private information.

You will be most likely confronted by the agent hosting the open house. They may or may not ask if you are working with a real estate agent or realtor.

They are going to be wearing their best face. They are going to have their polished speech and modifiable verbiage arsenal at the ready.

They also may insist, saying that the seller insists, that you sign in to the open house before viewing it.

This is what you either want to avoid or use an alias. As you may be able to tell, I'm not a fan of open houses with my experiences being a full-time LAPD cop, I have seen things, man... :)

Of course, I'm now speaking to the potential home buyer and not the home seller's of the world, but you get my point.

Open houses can be hosted by any agent, not necessarily the seller's agent. This happens a lot in the open house world because open houses get real estate agents clients.

Phone numbers, names, and emails are received with which the real estate agent can expand their potential client portfolio.

When you visit an open house, you can either say you have a real estate agent, then view the home, or you can give my name :) = Connor MacIvor

Online real estate spying

This is a two-part example and knowledge-based explanation.

Part 1

Have you ever noticed that when you inquire online about real estate, the ads that you see online, while searching or while on social media start to become about real estate? That is because you are being spied on by social media websites and search engines.

This is intuitive marketing and it's big business.

While you cannot protect yourselves 100% from this, you can decide not to give up any personal information online and send me the questions you have pertaining to real estate. I answer quick and promise never to spam you or harass you.

Part 2

When searching online, never give up any personal information for your own privacies sake.

When you are ready, go to a trusted real estate website in order to search for local homes in the venue you desire. Such as - While there you will be asked to register, I'm the only one that sees it and I'll be there for you like family.

Other online systems sell your personal information to many different entities and make a profit doing it.

I represent my clients. I'm a real live card carrying Realtor and want to work for your trust and business.

I'm Connor, thanks for reading my how to protect yourself article and I'm looking forward to being your realtor.