Santa Clarita Divorce real estate agents

It may not be that bad...

If you are in a position to leave your spouse and have a home to unload, you maybe in a better position than your previously were/thought.

I'm not going to discuss the emotional baggage and weariness that accompanies Divorce, I'm going to discuss it from it being a business decision.

The increasing of equity...

Today - versus 14 months ago, we have increased approximately 16-20% in home values, depending on where you own a residence in the Santa Clarita Valley.

View the current real estate prices in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

That will also change from condo to townhome to single family residence to luxury estate.

Depending on the type of home will depend on the monies to be split(if that is the agreement).  Typically, the more money spent in the beginning, the larger the pay off when the market gets more expensive.

That is the exact scenario here in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We have estate homes that are located behind the gated areas in Westridge and in the Woodlands that have increased in Value over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thereby placing those couples seeking divorce, that have bought in those areas during the past few years, or at least before March 2013, in a positive Equity Position.

Local Divorce Experts only...

A Word of Advice when approaching the Divorce Scenario within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  Make sure you are working with someone that can advise you.  Santa Clarita Divorce Attorneys are great, but you may not need/want to start there.

Where should your first stop be?  How about someone that can guide and assist you with the Legal documents and processes with regard to the paperwork required and education on the court processes?

There is no doubt where I would send a client of ours when they come to The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA talking Santa_Clarita_assisted_divorceabout divorce, and that'd be to my long time friend at Divorce 661, Tim Blankenship.

Experience pays...

You are also going to need a realtor or realtors that have worked within the divorce process.  They should be understanding of the decisions that you and yours have made, as far as the liquidation of the assets, aka the real estate.

They should also not be on anyone's particular side.  They should be a neutral party and treat everyone the same.

Our Experience has shown...

The realtor you choose to handle the real estate end of a divorce should never contact either party involved without having the other party on the other line.  They should never send out "exclusive emails", both parties should be cc'd on every single email. (they may be required to show it in court in the future - no games can/should be played)

If they, the real estate agent handling the real estate end of the divorce, is called, or emailed without the other party being present, the call or email is not responded/replied to and cannot take place until such a time when both parties are available.

Just having real estate agents that have handled the divorce process, from complimentary and non-hostile to the most hostile divorces you can imagine, where restraining orders were issued, it is always better to work with those Licensed Realtors that are experienced in these areas.