Paris and I get a lot of inquires about how to start in real estate. What is the best company to work for and how can a person get the necessary training after a person secures their real estate license.

Santa Clarita Real estate mentorsJust like the police academy, real estate school and passing the state real estate exam does not give you all of the tools you need to be a successful Santa Clarita Real estate agent.

Some learn by doing, but at the "Risk" of their clients.  Some learn by other industry experts, at "no risk" to their clients.

Wouldn't it be nice to get some real estate training with a top notch company?  What about being a Buyers Agent for a Top Producing Real Estate team?  How do you go about that without putting yourself in harms way.  Teaching the "green" agents how to be seasoned professionals in the Real Estate industry - What a concept.

You will learn by the numbers and will walk away from this training program knowing all of those "hard learned" secrets and tricks of the trade, without having to fight through a 20+ year real estate career.

Speaking of a person that has a 20+ year real estate career -  There are two types of 20+ year real estate agents, those that have another source of income and are doing real estate "part time", closing a deal here and a deal there.  The other type is the one that has raised their family on the income derived by needing to develop the skills of being a Full Time Real Estate professional.

Who is Hiring?  Where should you go to get a job?  Consider Real Estate - That is just plain crazy...  I know you have asked yourself the questions.  Maybe when you purchased your first home, you thought the agent could have done something different.  Maybe the "difference" that you possess will make you the next real estate superstar.

Do me a favor, give us a call to keep your options open.  Also, do yourself a favor, don't discount yourself and your talent!