If you have been considering one of the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley as your "Abode", get a local "Santa Clarita market report" sent to your email.

If you cannot decide between Saugus and Newhall - or are torn between Stevenson Ranch and Valencia CA - choose a report for each specific city.

It is Data that all real estate decisions should be based on. We have posted this data at our Market Update posts and pages for the Santa Clarita Cities.

However, maybe you want to take part in our Executive Summary reports that are generated from our Independent Research firm - Altos research. Click here for the custom market reports list for each of the Santa Clarita Cities.

Each of the reports is free and they are updated on a weekly basis. The best thing about these Santa Clarita cities market reports is they are directly from the Source Data. They are not from Zillow, Homes.com, Realtor.com, or any of the other "Real Estate Syndication" websites. Not sure what a Real Estate syndication website is? click here for that intel.

There is an advantage for us spending the money on these systems and service. The advantage is for our clients to get the "home team" advantage. Our clients are some of the most knowledgeable in the real estate market. In fact, I have had our clients fire off "real estate statistics" to other agents at their very own seller's open houses.

When I get the phone call from the agent hosting the open house - after they had been called on, by my clients, reference to some B.S. the agent was attempting to perpetrate - It's like watching one of my kids hit a home run!!! I'm all Sunshine, rainbows and cotton-candy!!!