We put the Santa Clarita Foreclosures together for Homes, Condo's and Town-homes.

FHA and VA Approved Homes, Condo's and Town-homes have always posed a problem being identified in the different cities within the Southern California Areas.   We have fixed that issue.  If you are qualified and want to purchase a property with a FHA Loan or want to buy a property with a VA loan - The two links below will give what you are looking for.

We built these two searches with our clients in mind.  With all of the FHA approved complexes that have been changed during the past several months - this will surely help with your search if you are approved and wish to use the FHA loan program.  VA is no different, we posted that as well for your ease of "search".

It is not my intention to create drama with regard to any of the local "Property Management Companies or Property Management Real Estate agents" - I just think that the consumer has a right to know when they are walking down that "slippery slope".

Why it is it that some buyers write offers at 80K less than fair market value on Sellers Listings - With the Sellers Listings being priced 2-5% under market value already?

I bet it is because they have read somewhere or heard on late night TV that is the way to do it...  Be careful who's advice you are listening too - Also Be careful who's services, e-books, or seminars you are paying for...  Some people only want to sell a seminar, e-book or service - and are not at all interested in forming a Relationship.  Another Thing... This would work if you were the only person offering on that property and if the seller had that much "motivation" to sell.

Have you asked yourself the same questions?  If you are a Real Estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley, I bet you have...

I posted a video today on You Tube with regard to First Time Buyers - Have a look! Also, you can visit our SCVMoves YouTube Channel.