You will see one of our REMAX of Valencia CA Websites that assist our sellers with getting more buyers to view their real estate listings, before their competition.

It comes down to being able to convince the agent on the other side of the transaction to let their seller know they are priced too high.

That is not easily done, it's like trying to get the leader of the world to take criticism - tough spot indeed.

However, this can be done if the agents know each other or if the approaching realtor, the one on the buyers side, does it gently.

In addition, the most flack that is run into has to do with the listing agent having bought the listing from the seller. If that is the case, then they will be defensive at the start.

I train my realtors to approach gently. We also have a team in place, if there is one of us that knows the listing agent on a more personal level, whether they are directly representing the Paris911 Buyer or not, they are given the point on contact.

It works, out of 7 full time realtors, one is bound to have a past or current relationship with the listing agent on the other side of the transaction.

This weekend, if you are looking for open houses - make sure you check out our Santa Clarita Open House resource, accessed by going to the same domain url:

If you are wanting to wrap yourselves around the local real estate prices in the Santa Clarita Valley cities - you can check out those by heading to one of our MacBoX resources - at our main website, and by typing in the word: Prices - into the MacBoX.

You will see each of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities rendering on the page. Choose the one you are interested in and you will then be taken to a report page. When you arrive on the pricing page, you will see an interactive graph. Just pass your mouse indicator over the different spots in the graph. It is interactive and you will see the prices pop up when you pass it over different parts in the time line.

You can also expand the Santa Clarita Pricing Graph at the bottom. Taking it to a point in the past to view a specific snippet of time. You can also expand the bottom to get a better overall view of the real estate market, from the last height to present time.

On the top of the Santa Clarita city pricing graph, you will see the price points. On the bottom, on the smaller graph you will see how the inventory has a direct correlation with listing prices.

Enjoy the search resources we have. You can see our specific search real estate website at Paris911 dot com. When you see the lady holding the map - click on her and you will be on your way with seeing the real estate inventory that is currently on the market for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and elsewhere in Southern California.