By The Paris911 Team at REMAX

Cops, firemen, teachers and everyone else, lend me your ears.  We have just put together our Avoid Foreclosure Seminars for those of you that have access to the Santa Clarita Valley.  Each seminar is held in our Santa Clarita real estate offices at REMAX's Paris911 Team.

You can call us or shoot us an email to our SCV home team in order to connect and we will let you know when the next Avoiding Foreclosure Seminar is held.

We have two options, you can either have it one on one where we guarantee total privacy, or you can attend a seminar to avoid foreclosure that is put on my our REMAX of Santa Clarita Team - It's Your choice...

homesclosetoworkIf you are looking for Homes Close to Work, we have that option.  We find that there are a lot of our Santa Clarita relocation clients that are looking for somewhere to buy that is close to their work.

They hate the commute and dislike driving anywhere over 15-20 miles each way to work.  So, The Paris911 team at REMAX has developed this option to assist those of you want want to relocate closer to your place of employment.

Let us know when you are ready to Move :)


Finding out what your home is worth is easy.  You have arrived at the right place.

To obtain what your home's true value is - just reach out to us via our Home Value Request form on our Santa Clarita real estate website and we will gather the data and send you the home evaluation report.

This is a "sight unseen" method.  The fine tuning has to happen with us being able to view your home or real estate you desire to have a value worked up upon.  Just reach out to our Team and we would be glad to assist you with that.

We are REMAX's Paris911 Team and hope this blog post on our REMAX Relocation blog gives you the assistance you need.  Don't forget to search in the margin via our Google Custom Search engine.

If we have written about it on our blogs - then it's contained in the Google Search Box.  Be Safe - reach out to us when you are ready to choose a realtor, we'd love to interview for the job.