This is the Friday the 13th weekly recap for Santa Clarita real estate - Year of our Lord 2018. Be well and enjoy the video broadcast.

I focused on the intel provided for the Santa Clarita - Valencia CA housing market that is researched on - the local Santa Clarita Valley real estate website.

During this past week, we have seen the Santa Clarita Valley real estate inventory ebb and flow. However, it's been hovering around 600 active units for sale in the SCV cities. If you are looking on a website other than the local Santa Clarita resource of, you may be seeing listings that are not for sale, listings that are under contract and within escrow while they are showing they are still for sale, etc..

Some of these "other" websites state they have the most accurate real estate listings for the SCV Cities. Just be careful. Make sure you are using a system that is connected directly to the MLS and that has teeth to is which would be one operated by a Licensed Realtor for the State of California.

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Hackers and Wiring money

Watch out those of you who are outside of or within a Real Estate transaction. There are hackers that are working hard to get a piece of the greenbacks in your wallet. Before you send any money to any party, a party that you know or one that you don't - double-verify all information.

It happened this month that a hacker hacked a real estate agent's email. The agent had forwarded an email from an escrow company with wiring instructions that were attached. Before the agent forwarded the email to the agent representing the buyer, the wiring instruction had been modified by a hacker. They changed the routing information for the rest of the funds that were supposed to be going to escrow.

The short story is that the funds never made it to complete the home purchase. A hacker now has $24k+ in their account!

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Being a secret shopper

Have you heard of the term "secret shopper?"

They are those who go around, hired by some research company or by the corporate end of the place they are going to pose as a customer. They are documenting their experiences with the staff and all other aspects of their interactions.

We tell our Santa Clarita real estate clients to be "secret shoppers" when viewing homes and real estate.

"Don't give up who you are." We tell them. There are a couple of main reasons for this.

  1. If you give up your name and contact information at an open house, you are now going to be put on an email drip and have your phone robo-dialed. Good luck being removed. Once you get entered into the agent's database, all bets are off. In fact, some agents are using the online systems to keep their client's data - if you are added who knows what or whom will get your personal info.
  2. New Housing - The simple act of giving your real name will prohibit you from hiring your very own Realtor to be on your side, opposite the builders real estate agent. The critical part of this and what makes this necessary if you want someone on your side that knows the lingo and the new housing game. By having someone like that by your side, you can now become a master negotiator and ensure your safety when buying a new Santa Clarita home. BTW, it does not cost you anything. The builder pays us to represent buyers at their new home communities.

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