Today's real estate inventory and homes for sale

Will the "Real" inventory please step forward

If you click on the map above you will be taken to the live version of the current real estate inventory depicting the actual and true "active" real estate listings that are currently available for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and in Northern Los Angeles. (whew - if that is not a run-on, I don't know what is :) )

Foreclosures are up according to Realty Trac

Don't start running for the hills - that's only 2% in May compared with April.  That's not a bunch, but it is worth noting.

The other item worth noting is that Florida surpassed Nevada in Foreclosures for that same time period.

Bottom line - we are on the road to recovery with such "small changes" being reported in the news.

Said it before and I'll say it again

See the map above - you'd be surprised how the "real listing numbers" differ from those being shown on the other "mega real estate websites".

If I am showing 32 active listings that are truly active and for sale in Stevenson Ranch,

The Mega Syndication Website that starts with the "letter Z"

Bad Intel from a Real Estate syndication website


And the other Mega Real Estate syndication website that starts with the "letter T"

Real Estate inventory for sale on the T website


I guess Real Estate is a numbers game

Sad but true - both of those Mega Real Estate search sites are showing Bad Data.  Be safe when searching on-line for real estate.  Use the local Santa Clarita real estate agent's search systems.

They won't steer your wrong and have more updated intel and a different purpose than those Mega Syndication Websites do.