I thought today, because it is a bit dry on the foreclosure release front, we would talk about how to find those Bank Owned real estate listings.

Those that are not on the market for sale.  The ones that are talked about ad-nauseum on the internet website, hoping to get you to give up your personal information.  You know, those :)

Santa Clarita foreclosure agentsThere are a few ways in which to do this.  You can go to one of the Foreclosure syndication websites.  Those are the ones that are going to want to monetize your personal information.

You will know them because they are not local real estate agents websites.  There is no local address or phone number.  When googling them you will see that they sell nothing of the "service" variety.

They sell information, it could be the information about foreclosures that you seek, or it could be they are going to sell your information to a handful of hungry real estate agents.

When we want to do the "off market" searches of foreclosures  bank owned inventory and the notice of defaults in California, we use Foreclosure Radar.

It is a pay for system, paid for by my Paris911 Team at REMAX so our clients can keep their personal information safe and so they can search for foreclosures, bank owned, etc...

It works well - just head over to the Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MaCboX, Foreclosure radar.

Once you do, you will see all of the foreclosure inventory that is currently off the market for sale :) - Note, I did say "off" on purpose.

In fact, for funzies - I will plug in our Foreclosure Radar System below.  Enjoy, choose the properties you want, hit details - shoot us your contact info, no spam guaranteed, and we will send you the recon.

Talk soon and thanks for checking out the Paris911 Realty Team in Santa Clarita Valley.