This resource will display all of the bank owned homes in Bridgeport within the Santa Clarita Valley.  The newest Foreclosure Listings will populate the list first - followed by older listings.  When considering Bank Owned Real Estate - make sure you pay attention to the days on market that we have displayed next to each individual listing.

Just Zoom In to See the Bridgeport Area :-)

If the property was listed as a short sale you might see the Days On Market displaying a lot of "days on market".  If the short sale was not allowed or of the agent was unable to get it negotiated - the property would have completed the Foreclosure Process and will be "BOM" - Back on the Market for sale as a Foreclosure Home.

Just because the home might show a "CDOM - Consecutive Days on Market" - in excess of 360 days in some cases - this should not preclude you from making your best offer right out of the chute.  Most banks and investors are placing their real estate listings onto the market at a future 90 day estimate - with factoring in a 2-5% decline monthly.  Therefore, these properties are being listed for under "current" value.  Plus, if you don't make your best offer up front - you might miss out if the Bank decides to go with another offer that was higher, because that buyer gave it their all, right out of the chute.  We always hope that we are countered by each Bank with regard to offers we are writing on their Foreclosures - but this is not always the case. - Food for Thought.

Don't take any Realtor's word for it - make sure you are viewing the most accurate comparables and getting "true values" that have been established by the information from the Board of Realtors and the Assessor's Data.