So, Paris and I are on facebook - you can find more about us by clicking on the following links.

The point of this is to tell you that I think Paris is funny.  She posted up the following, "I think we should let those marry who they want and get out there and buy all of the guns and ammo we can.  Because, we are headed for a zombie apocalypse..."

You, may not agree with the Zombie thing - you probably have a position on the Marriage thing or the Gun thing.

Head out in the internet.  Check with those that you are close to for a referral with regard to a local real estate agent.  Meet with "said" agent and see if they are a good fit for you.

They may not be - then let your fingers do the walking - not through the yellow pages - but on-line within the Search engines of Bing and Google.

See what they say about who is the best, who is the number one, and who is the top real estate agent in Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Then, schedule a couple of appointments with those you find, sit with them and ask them the following questions:

Click here for our Real Estate agent interview questions link.