Haven't you heard? Some First time buyer programs are scams

"Specializing in First Time Buyers!"

"Discounts for First Time Buyers of real estate!"

"Special City Grant Programs for First time buyers!"

"First Time Buyer incentive programs here!"

The advertising and marketing goes on and on. If you were hoping to find a First Time Buyer Program that were "real", there are very few.

First Time Buyers versus everyone else..

What I mean is this. Most First time buyer programs apply to those who don't own real estate presently.

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If they have no deed in their name, if they are not on title on any property, or if they don't have a mortgage on their credit report, for all intents and purpose, they are "First Time Buyers..."

While the term, "First Time Buyer", gets those who have never purchased real estate, excited, it's mostly a game by the predatory underbelly in real estate and amongst real estate lenders.

Grant Programs for First Time Buyers

First Time Buyer programs can come as a grant from a local agency with particular requirements which need to be fulfilled.

Maybe the "grant" program for a first time buyer is income restrictive. If it is, then you have to see where you are going to be living and where you can afford to buy.(reverse that!)

Hero - Employment First Time Buyer Programs

It may be the First Time Buyer program has been set into motion due to you being part of a select group, certain employment set, or another mold that does not violate fair housing rules, such as a Hero, veteran, police officer, teacher, etc...

Read more about "special" law enforcement programs!

These same programs maybe "area" restrictive. Only allowing for the "grant" to be paid to someone fitting this criteria and willing to buy a home in a specific neighborhood or city.

Some First Time Buyer Programs are scams to be feared

Some of the "discount" programs for First Time Buyers are a total game. If you are being promised some type of First Time buyer incentive, make sure to get it in writing and read the small print!

There are today, First Time Buyer incentive programs are only being used as a way to get you to give up who you are. You request more information, then your personal and private information is sold to the likes of Hungry Real Estate agents willing to pay for it! (SPAM ALERT)

Want to separate fact from fiction? Just Ask me...

Call me, if you hear about some special wazoo First Time Buyer Program, let me know the details and I'll tell you if it is "for real" or if it's a game!

I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia and I'm proud to be of service.

BTW, I don't care if you are reading this and you are on the other side of the United States, where I cannot represent you. Call me anyway and let me investigate. Because?  Because it's the right thing to do and I hate for anyone to be taken advantage of!!!  (my cop holdover from my LAPD Days!)