Tips for the First time real estate buyer have been updated and posted on this YouTube Video from the SCV Moves and Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

Here is the Bottom Line when approaching the real estate plate to purchase.  Work with a Local Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent and make sure they set aside time for you to give you the "first time buyer crash course" on real estate.  I should not say "The" - because this is our First Time Buyer Crash course on Real estate.  However, they should have something in place to give you the intel you need when making the largest investment of your life.

Remember our Mantra:

“Paris911® was founded out of necessity for the procurement, protection and service by Realtors® to be utilized by the sworn men and women of law enforcement, fire departments and educational professionals everywhere… If these professions trust us with the largest investment of their lives, then…  ‘Well you know… :-) …’ ”

Here is the Video I put together recently.  This Paris911 Team video covers the first steps in the Home Buying process for the First Timer and the Veteran.  If you have a real estate agent representing you with your Santa Clarita real estate purchase, please remain loyal.  However, if you hate them, read this about Firing your Santa Clarita real estate agent.