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Everything looks GREAT at first glance when it comes to the Relocation Services offered on line.  But further research reveals some disturbing traits amongst those within the SERPS - Search engine results pages - at the tops of the "relocation" search queries.  Most of those represented within the Search Results for "Relocation" are "lead generation" companies - not the actual "relocation Service" company.  They have built with the sole purpose of getting access to your personal information, then selling it.

The Moving and Relocation companies, like the Lock Smith's, have fallen prey to buying their leads from these companies.  The problem is that you will never know who is the "BEST of The BEST of the BEST.."  You may be referred to a crappy company that only pays the most $$$ to the Lead Generator.  What would I rather see?  I'd rather be able to talk with an actual peson from the company.  Someone that has more of a level of accountability. That is who I want to talk to from the beginning.

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First impressions are everything when it comes to real estate, and paying attention to this fact will make selling your home a much easier proposition. The first impression of your home might be a photo seen online or it might be your front curb, you have no way of knowing where a potential buyer might come across your home. Because of this everything about your home must be in line to access the largest numbers of potential buyers. The more people you attract the more likely you are to get a contract.

Start with choosing a LOCAL REALTOR. Get recommendations from friends, family, neighbors and colleagues and then interview a few. Choose a REALTOR that you not only get along with but one that you respect. What is his/her marketing plan? What is his/her track record?

An experienced REALTOR will help you understand that the photos of your home are extremely important. These photos have the ability to either attract a potential buyer or turn him the other way. Of course you won’t get a good photo of an unkempt home, so prepare your home first. Curb appeal is everything. Many potential buyers might spot your home because of a For Sale sign in the front yard, so ask yourself if you like what you see.

From your front walkway to your hall closet, every detail of your home makes an impression and the better you are at looking at your home objectively the more likely you are to attract buyers through your front door. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. Pay attention to the details of your home and you just might get the offer you have been waiting for.

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