When it comes to the very best in Real Estate intel - The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA has your covered.  Simply, we scrub the real estate related news 24/7.  We want our clients to base their real estate decisions on facts and not opinion and conjecture.

If you surf for a little bit on the WWW - you will see all of the "nonsense" that has been posted , written about and displayed as fact.  Be Careful and make sure those sources you are viewing are backing up what they are posting with Real and Actual numbers.  The best way in which to do this is by finding their source.  Where are they obtaining their data from?

We market for all of the Buyers looking for quality listings in Valencia CAWe get our Santa Clarita real estate data  from Three Primary sources.  We have an independent research firm that we hired to give our clients the best in Market Statistics and Data.  That Research firm is known as Altos Research. We pay for their data because we believe in their "transparent" approach and know that their data is not FREE.  When we find a service that will benefit our clients, we don't care about cost because it always comes back in many forms.  The "it" I'm referring to is "Factual Information".

A second and mostly overlooked research tool that is utilized by my Paris911 Team at REMAX is Foreclosure Radar.  This tool is also something we pay for our clients to use to get the best in real estate data about the "off market" foreclosure listings.  Our clients are also able to use this system to procure auction and pre-foreclosure listings.  We use this system primarily with our "one party show" and "Auction" strategies for both our "owner occupant" and "investor" clientele.

Spatial match intertwined with the local Boards of Realtors - Our Lifestyle Search engine provided by Spatial Match is really awesome.  You can check out the market Analytics for any particular real estate listing.  This data is key and one of a kind on the WWW. The BEST way is to use our Spatial Map Search Engine and try out the Analytics Button on the lower right side after you identify a property you are interested in.

With our constantly publishing of the Foreclosure Data and the Market Data - We are relied upon as local Santa Clarita real estate experts.  We then take all of that data and form those updates into a Bi-Monthly Newsletter.  We prepare this news letter in video, audio or written form - sometimes we have all three forms of media represented when we send it out to our "Paris911 Conversation List".

That is the time for you to view it, comment on it, and let us know what you are thinking.