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If you are considering buying a home, maybe your first home and  

Always verify info on the FHA website above, and with your Lender

Santa Clarita Valley FHA Condo List



Canyon Country (91351)
American Beauty Village - Must Verify With Lender   02/28/2021
Canyon Country Racquet Club   2/2/2021
Canyon Village   3/6/2020
Canyon Country (91387)
American Beauty Condos - Sierra Highway   08/02/2020
Canyon Park   01/27/2023
Canyon Country Homeowners Assoc.   03/12/2020
Sand Canyon HOA - American Beauty Garden 1   06/18/2021
Castaic (91384)
No Complex Approved at This Time    
Newhall  (91321)
Friendly Valley Village #6   11/27/2020
Friendly Valley Village #7   04/30/2021
Friendly Valley Village #11   06/18/2021
Peachland Condos   07/02/2021
Scenic Hills   03/01/2021
Valle Di Oro   03/11/2021
Vista Del Canon   09/27/2021
Saugus (91350, 91390)
Concord at River Village   10/17/2022
Hartford at River Village   03/26/2021
Kensington at River Village   04/26/2021
Mountain View Courtyards   09/12/2020
Mountain View Villas   11/21/2020
New Horizon   03/26/2021
Villa Metro   3/30/2020
Vista Valenica   05/22/2020
Stevenson Ranch (91381)
No Complexes Approved at this time    
Valencia (91355)
Arbor Park   10/18/2020
Arroyo West   12/03/2020
Cabot Bay @ Bridgport   05/23/2021
Fairways - PUD    Approved
Galleria at Alta Vista   08/27/2021
Madison @ Town Center   03/21/2021
Siena Villas   9/1/2019
Santa Fe   6/25/2020
Siena Villas   08/29/2021
Vista Valencia Townhomes   05/22/2020
Waterford @ Bridgeport   4/05/2020
Valencia (91354)
Andorra @Creakside   4/4/2020
Artenati *   12/04/2020
Artisan Village*   12/04/2020
Brookside Walk   7/2/2020
Cheyenne   3/06/2020
Cornerstone   5/07/2021
Claridad - West Creek   12/04/2020
Esperto*   12/04/2020
Paloma*   12/04/2020
Valencia (91381)
Cypress Point   6/13/2020

FHA properties Santa Clarita Valley CA approvedIf you are considering buying Santa Clarita real estate using what is known as an FHA loan. This loan type allows the home buyer to put 3.5% down as a downpayment, you have come to the right place. The question that needs to be asked next is if the home, condo or town-home you are interested in buying happens to be on the FHA approved list.

Now, most Single Family Homes are typically approved as soon as the appraiser, which is trained and certified in FHA appraisal, appraises the home.

There are other property types, condos and town-homes more specifically which are part of a homeowner association.

FHA has to have vetted the HOA to ensure they are in the right light before they will Bless the lending of the money to purchase.

As an example, before the fall of the last real estate cycle, there were many condos and town-homes which were approved for the FHA loan.

After that event - 2007 - there were very few complexes that were FHA approved. This was primarily because when people started to default on their mortgage payment, they typically defaulted on their payments to HOA.

The HOA starts to lose its reserves and becomes weaker. The lending institutions, banks, see that as a larger risk for them so they either strike the complex from their record or they let the clock run out and don't approve it until they have a stronger financial footing.

Today, being in a healthy real estate market, the financial standing has recovered with most Home Owners Associations.

With the exception to every rule, there are some HOA's which are worthy of being scrutinized today by the FHA lenders.

Some are operating badly via their management companies or their boards of directors. Think one of the "Lethal Weapon" Episodes.

And some HOA's are wanting to increase their dues to a horrible extent, that could kabash any FHA approval when finding out.

When you are ready I'll be here to help you navigate the FHA approvals, properties, and the best questions to ask an FHA lender to ensure you are getting your best deal.