I am sure you get the joke - after listening to this podcast about my experiences with Diverse Solutions, it's a wonder not everyone is using it.  But, I know they will after seeing a X LAPD motor cop turned Realtor talk about it :)

To give you the intel about whether or not I'm getting anything by posting up this accolade, I'M NOT.Diverse Solutions

I will tell you that they(Diverse Solutions)  has been my silver bullet in getting my clients what they want as far as search.  They(diverse solutions) are also the most progressive IDX service system on the planet.  I know this because I have worked with and tested many others.

The key to my success has been using their tutorials on how to use their platform.  Subscribing to their DS blog updates talking about the newest bells and whistles they have installed for us to use.  I also call(harass) - my Sales Rep to check in from time to time.  They are all GREAT at DS - our's is Corey and he is wonderfully patient.

I know just enough about SEO and internet marketing to get myself into trouble.  However, with DS I don't have to worry about doing too much or screwing up their system.  It works so well it places our Real Estate brand on page one (1) with most of the real estate related keyword searches those in our neck of the woods are doing.

Heck - in the world, we are position 2 organic on Google for the inquiry of "REMAX Relocation".  See for yourselves - you can then see how many results populate Google's Search when those two words are searched for.  We are Relocation.Paris911.com and are number 2 out of 2,600,000 results!!!

Thanks to gobs of writing by my hand and the DS plugin for WordPress - my sites hit like small atomic sledge hammers...  In fact, in local markets the large syndication websites have difficulty keeping up with my Focused pages and renewed property listings populated by DSidxPress.

It makes me smile when I can be ahead of Trulia, Realtor dot com and the others without having to pay their services.  I pay for Diverse Solutions only and I'm happy :) - Reach out to me if I can give you further Intel about their systems or more of a testimonial - I'd be glad to do it.

However, you can call them and find out for yourself what the heck I'm talking about and why I'm so giddy....