This one comes from my housing hates - where I speak about the agents and industry.

Today, I will speak about feedback. Feedback when it comes to real estate is where a real estate agent, on behalf of their seller, will request what the buyer thought of the property.

Now, sellers are thinking that their agent will bring this information to them without issue.

You won't believe this, but some agents are not as forward thinking. Some of them use this as fodder when it comes to pitching their wares. Most say it but don't follow up with those agents who showed their seller's listings.

Most feedback requests fall on deaf ears. I want the feedback so I adhere to the feedback rules. When an agents feedback, I give feedback. I will text feedback, email feedback or call back with feedback.

My feedback is constructive. I explain why my buyers liked it or did not like it. I give intel related to where my buyer thinks' it should be placed. They know what those values are because they have spent the day with me looking at homes.

What they get is better than most "nonhacker" agents can provide.

There are several different levels to real estate when it comes to the crash course on homes that we offer.

This includes me wanting to get what my clients really think.

Is the home too expensive?

Is the home left in poor repair?

What is it about the home that my buyers' don't want to move forward?

What other information should I relay when contacted by a savvy listing agent?

Most home buyers are good to go to provide you with that they thought.

If you are are a buyer's agent at the time of the concerned call, don't guess, don't add, just give them what your buyers thought and they can take that information back to the home seller.

It's very much appreciated by every home seller that hears it. If they have an issue with it, it did not come from you, it came from the real estate buyer.

I'm Connor with REMAX and glad to be at your service. I love giving feedback to other agent's sellers. I also appreciate when the home buyer's agents' send me the feedback concerning our real estate sellers.