It is Tuesday at 0300hrs (3:00am for everyone else).  Most are sleeping.  I am up and working on my daily schedule and working on projects that have been sent to me by our clients.  What you may ask?  Here are a few of the things that I routinely to for those that inquire:

  • Searching for the "Foreclosure Radar" portal inquires.
  • Searching and finding current status on homes from street sign inquires.
  • Looking for properties that have been inquired about from somewhere on the WWW.  (, zillow, trulia, oodle, goodle,, etc.)
  • Checking the NOD list to see if the property is a short sale - Or approaching the owners for our clients.
  • Running Searches for inquiry's from anyone of the Four Boards we are members of -

The list goes on and on - Very time consuming but very satisfying.  The relaying of information makes me happy and I love to answer any and all questions about the state of this current market, where I think it is going and when.  Be forewarned, I am not a "doom sayer".  I am the eternal optimist.  But I am also very realistic.  I just don't spout off with what and I also include the why.

It is a big balloon - Somebody has got to fly it! - Call us Today!