There are many ways to stay sharp when it comes to you and your business.  If you are a police officer, deputy sheriff, highway patrol, firefighter, or anyone that has a very physically demanding job - you keeping in shape is a necessity.

Working in other industries don't demand the same level of physical diligence - but it does not hurt...

We just finished a post on our Santa Clarita Business Blog that was written from a discussion that Paris and I had last night.  We talked about the ego's that exist in the real estate industry.

Have you ever met someone who's favorite subject was themselves?  What about their stories about themselves?  Some of the most dangerous, impressive and wise people have others tell their stories for FREE...  It is always more impressive to hear someone's "story" from somebody other than themselves.

Have a Real of our Latest Post that talks about Fat Loss, Real Estate and body building on our Santa Clarita Business Blog and Thanks.

Here are the most recent pre-Foreclosures (short sales) that have hit the SCV Re-Sale market.  Let us know if we can help you!