After being turned down for a Short Sale by their bank, Jill and Ron were completely exhausted.  The process took months - their agent's were some of the best Short Sale agents in the industry.

Jill and Ron's Short Sale agents knew the ropes and had a few tricks that they were able to use to get the banks to see it their way.  However, in this case, the bank had their line in the sand at a particular price.  The bank, would not reduce the sales price of the Short Sale.  There was an "apprasial" fight between the Bank and the Buyers appraiser.

They never speak to one another and most likely don't know each other, the appraisers that is.  But this really threw a wrench into this short sale.The Short Sale agents then sent the "buyers appraisal" report to the Bank's Short Sale negotiator. They said, "it matters not!"  Their appraisers report was the "only" one that was going to be considered.

With statements like,"We don't care, it matters not, It is not our concern..."- they are quite final.  However, this Short Sale Agent had a few more options to get Jill and Ron's Short Sale approved at the Buyer's Appraiser's price.It all started with Video.  Yes, Video. I know that the big banks don't allow their employees to surf YouTube - in fact, video sites are blocked from within their systems.  The only way to get one of the Banks Peeps to view a "youtube type" video is to get their private(personal) email address.Santa Clarita Short SalesWhile that may happen, most of the bank's negotiators are under mandated instruction to never give out their personal email address within a business capacity.  Knowing that, I went a different route to get them this video.

Have a watch and be safe.  Make sure you are getting the best advice and hiring someone that has an established track record in Short Sale performance.