There have been many songs and wars attributed to love :) - I think, with regard to the relationships that last for years, most started as a, "Love from the first moment I saw you", thing.

I suppose I am a hopeless romantic.  When I was a new police officer with the LAPD, I went into a Los Angeles Police Department realtor websiteBakers Square restaurant, while I was fresh out of the police academy, and a gorgeous woman waited on me, my training officer and another Training Officer and his Boot(rookie cop, as I was).

I'll never forget, I ordered Lasagna, French Fries and a Sprite.  I don't even like sprite...  I was smitten  Three Months later we were married.  That was July 29, 1991.

Did I mention Paris, my Wife, has the patience of a saint and a fortitude of a 3" thick piece of tempered iron?

Let me put it this way, If I had married me back in the day, I'd probably would have stuck it out for 1  year max :)

First impressions of any Santa Clarita Valley home means everything when it is your intension to sell one. In fact, if you don’t make a good first impression you greatly diminish your chances of getting buyers through your front door. Now, what you have to focus on is where potential buyers are getting their first impressions.

We know this because at REMAX of Valencia we operate a Team of 6 known as The Paris911 Team. Three full time buyers agents that work showing buyers and hunting for the BEST Santa Clarita real estate listings for each one constantly give feedback via our "paris911 staff" meetings.  The story is the same - "they fell in love with the home when I stopped the car..."

Most first impressions are made online these days which means the images of your home should be exceptional. Your Agent's personal and brand internet presence should be even better!  

While many choose to save money by taking photos on their own the reality is that quality photos matter. If you want to captivate potential buyers your should make sure that your photos pop and that they capture your home’s finest attributes.

A recent article, “20 Seconds for Love at First Sight”, from the Wall Street Journal acknowledges the tracking of the eye and how long potential buyers are willing to spend looking at a property. The article suggests that if your first photo doesn’t capture someone in 2 seconds then you have lost your shot. If you don’t capture a potential buyer’s interest quickly your property most likely will not see him enter your front door. Take a good hard look at your real estate agents marketing and see how you can increase your opportunity.