How do you get a banner for your page on facebook?  There is a free service that I stumbled on and it is located at - Standing for Facebook banners of course.

BTW - it will work on your personal pages as well.  We have a business page, but Paris and I find that interacting with our clients and friends on our personal pages  is much better than pushing Real Estate "crap" on them :-)

First off - It's completely free.  It is a great idea and it does a self upload after you design the banner.

Here is what my personal page banner looks like:

Get a banner for your Facebook business page

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What is the trick?  There is no trick, no smoke or mirrors, just FREE.  You don't have to register or anything. The system will build you a custom banner.  If you have a logo, like we did, you can upload, change it and have it as your Facebook Banner.

Try it, I think you will be impressed as I was :-)

BTW, if you know a local business owner that might be struggling, or one that is doing great, the middle ones work as well. - I'd appreciate you referring our FREE and Without Obligation radio show.  We have some openings for our SCV Radio Show and would love to talk with the owners about their Local Santa Clarita Business, Non-Profita, or Service providers.