I have spoken often about the scams that exist in the real estate industry. Most are not perpetrated by the actual real estate agents. Most of the scams are started by lead generation companies, which are Big Business.

However, those companies have very little in way of accountability and can get away with a lot with their "advertising" for the agents who are subscribing to their services.

The reason the Lead Gen companies can away with a lot has to do with them not being "licensed" entities and not representative of any trade union, like the Boards of Realtors.

The Board is the enforcement mechanism when it comes to the real estate agent. If the agent gets out of line and violates any of the laws, regulations, bylaws or code of ethics, they are charged, sanctioned, or de-licensed.

A lot of the games being played proport to be offering some sort of discount, credit, grant, gift, etc.. A lot of these "offers" apply to the following types of home buyers and sellers.

  • Employment centric real estate credits - discounts for cops, firemen, military, nurses, teachers, etc..
  • First-time type discounts - First-time buyers discounts, first-time seller discounts, etc..
  • Time of Year type discounts - Spring Sale, Summer Rush, etc..
  • Geographical discounts and grants - buy locally, buy in the City of Los Angeles Grant, etc.. (a real thing at one time - not currently as of 07/20/2018)

Most of these types of "incentives" are only click bait. They are being used in headlines that will get you to click on the ad or posting. By your clicking, the "perpetrators" are hoping you will then give up who you are. Your personal and private information is worth money to them.

I'm now off of the soapbox

Here is the BUT or the "However" you were waiting for. However, this is a program that currently exists which my TOP real estate lender has access to. I'd love you to use their services to acquire your home loan or refinance, but it's not a perfect world.

If you have your own lender and love them, ask them about this program to see if you qualify.

Here are the Details

It's Called "The Mortgage Credit Certificate program". The MCC program allows buyers to get a 20% tax credit on the interest a buyer pays on their mortgage.  It is a straight tax credit… Therefore, if the interest for 1 year is $20,000.00, then the buyer will get a $4000.00 tax credit!

It is for first time buyers (people who have not owned for 3 years) and it is the best program our top Santa Clarita real estate lender has seen in his 28+ years in the lending and mortgage business. 

Simply put, if you are a first-time buyer and you are not going to our top Santa Clarita real estate lender to get your loan or at least to see if you qualify for this TAX CREDIT, then you will be doing yourself a HUGE disservice!

I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Santa Clarita - Valencia CA - I want to be your only point of contact when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate. I'll be here when you are ready. Make sure you look at the Number One Santa Clarita real estate website - I'm proud to say it's ours and here to serve you Santa Clarita -Valencia CA real estate needs.