Both Paris and I are asked frequently what is a buyer's agent versus a Listing agent within the Santa Clarita real estate channels.

Both are equally good and each title can be used interchangeably. However, if the agent's being described are really sticking to one or the other - there are differences.

To keep track, I will cover what an expert Santa Clarita home buyer's agent will, should be doing when representing a home buyer.

Santa Clarita buyers agent

We do this well. Representing home, condo and townhome buyers within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. A real estate buyer's representation like no other. Making sure our Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, or Greater Los Angeles areas home buyers know what they are getting into each step of the way.

Holding the title of being a Santa Clarita "Buyers Agent" requires tenacity. A ton of experience and training only makes the Buyers Agent top of their game. It's not about getting the deal closed, it's about client comfort and ensuring the home buyer is well equipped.

If the best Santa Clarita Buyer's Agents were failing, we'd have gone to the same fate as the travel agent. However, that is not the case.

The BEST Santa Clarita buyer's agents are watching out for their buyers. They don't care about anything else, expect to make the home buying experience the best it can be for their clientele.

Buyers agents in Santa Clarita and beyond know the inventory. They know the areas and housing neighborhoods like the back of their hands. They may use GPS but only do so because they are typically speaking to their clients while showing properties, and are otherwise distracted.

Buyers agents in the Santa Clarita Valley know what sellers are expecting when it comes to offers which are submitted. What kind of financing is going to be the best compared with the rest? The updated buyer's agents in the SCV cities are also going to know what sellers are wanting when it comes to documentation that should accompany the offers which are submitted for real estate.

The buyer's agents have done the due diligence when it comes to giving their home buyers all of the available information. If the home, condo or townhome in question has an HOA, homeowners association, they will inform the buyer. They will explain to the buyer the amounts and what those fee's include (trash, pools, water, electricity, grounds upkeep, green belt maintenance, etc. ).

Information about Mello Roos and special assessment taxes will be gathered by a qualified and expert home buyers agent, given to the home buyer. Best decisions by a home buyer are with all of the applicable information. If they are lacking any component, they are unable to make the best-educated decisions. That equates to mistrust and firing of a home buyer's agent.

The home buyers agent will be able to inform their home buying clients of the best local Lenders and run interference between them and any lender of their choosing. Maybe the home buyer is bringing their own lender to the table. The home buyer's agent is going to be hard on that lender, ensuring they are not going to pose a problem for the home buyer acquiring the home, condo or town-home they want to buy.

Following up, calling, texting, emailing, and verifying that that home buyer's lender is doing their best job will be paramount. These homebuyer agents are going to be operating in the background when the home buyer is within the home buying process. They will activate and be running interference like a good offensive tackle will run in front of a quarterback to keep them safe from the opposing team.

An ultra qualified home buyer's agent is going to be connected online. Not only to the home listings but to the other agent's as well. While they will want to represent every single home buyer in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, they know this is not possible. At least at the present time :)

Interaction with other agents is going to be paramount to their home buyer's offers being accepted. They are going to be on a first name basis and try hard to be those who the other real estate agents want to work with.

Another thing that the best Santa Clarita buyers agents will know is the rebate and special programs that exist within the lending world for first time Santa Clarita buyers and those who have bought before. Any rebates, special incentives, and discount deals that are being offered will be at the top of their knowledge.

New Homes - The best real estate agents that are working with home buyers know the new home sites well. They often represent home buyers with the new construction and new home builder sites. They know the quetions to ask, how to get discounts and how to overall play the game that the new home agent isn't allowed to play. Of course, the new home agent working at the new home center, in the model homes, have been hired by the new home seller. It only makes sense for you to have your own agent which we provide at no, ZERO, cost to you. In fact, we have been successful at obtainin huge discounts for our new home clients in the Santa Clarita Valley. go to to see more!

The best Santa Clarita home buyer's agents are going to be permanent lights in the vast real estate darkness. If they are doing their job right, their clients will not see a single shadow.

The experts amongst the Santa Clarita home buyer's agents are results driven. They perform for their home buyers. They are available and don't have issues with hanging their clients out to dry, ever!

I'm Connor and I operate a team of expert Santa Clarita home buyers agents. When you are ready, you need to contact our team. Don't worry if you are relocating and have been "steered" to another agent. The agent you choose to work with is up to you and you alone. Contact us when you are ready and we will get you to the goal 100% of the time.

My name is Connor MacIvor and I have been representing home buyers and home sellers since 1998. I am currently with the REMAX Brokerage because it has been the best fit for my clients and I. If that were to every change, I would always choose the best option for our real estate clients.