My history is 17 years as a LAPD Regular(today, remaining a Reserve Officer). In that time I served search warrants, chased people through houses, in the streets, was in fights, crashed on my police motorcycle, and had My Alive day August 12, 1995. What do I mean by an alive day - click here

This bit of history brings me to evictions. We don't do Evictions. We are not those type of Real Estate agents. We have a couple of Major Banks that use us to work their Foreclosure Inventory.

However, that experience did help me become a great asset for the Banks that use us to premarket and sell their foreclosures.

That being said, one of the first steps when an asset, a foreclosure, is assigned is the verification of occupancy. We have go to the property and ascertain if anyone is living there. Sometimes, there is no-one. Sometimes we run into Tenants that had no idea that their "landlord" was not making their payments. Most of the time we run into the Owners still living in the foreclosed property.

We make contact, identify the occupant, and see what their plan is. Are they going to be moving out, do they want to accept a Cash for Keys agreement, or are they going to need to wait for a potential court date during a formal eviction?

It's the Court Step that I am talking about. Sometimes Tenants are caught up in this Foreclosure Mess. They had no idea that their landlord was not living up to their part of the bargain. What part is that? - Keeping the payments up on the home being rented.

A lot of times there are kids involved - issues with the "living arrangements" - It is incredibly stressful for all involved parties.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament - make sure you are getting good advice. Make sure you are being well represented. BE Safe and Thanks for Reading. More Foreclosure Information - including listings - click here.