As I sit here, I am considering the question of, "exactly how many words is a photo or picture worth?"

I think of a couple of qualifiers:  I have heard it said that a picture is worth 1000 words.  I then want to ask, "doesn't it depends on the picture?"

Think throughout history - heck, you can just apply the "depends on the picture" with the phrase, "A picture is worth 1000 words".

I am wondering who said that first?

"It is believed that the modern use of the phrase stems from an article by Fred R. Barnyard in the advertising trade journal Printers' Ink, promoting the use of images in advertisements that appeared on the sides of streetcars.[1] The December 8, 1921 issue carries an ad entitled, "One Look is Worth A Thousand Words."

Thanks To Wiki - I think I might have figured out the answer.

Is it true?  What do you think?  "Fore Score and Seven Years Ago..."  "They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers..."  "Let there be Light".

Those words are worth a lot  - the one about the Gun I could not resist, but the rest...  Where would be be with a photo instead of the words that were uttered.

If you are on the net writing content - you know that words are quite powerful.  Depending on the post - if you can write content that balances Seth Godin's "Lizard Brain" with context - you something that will be very magnetic.  BTW - The Lizard Brain had to do with the three questions, "Can I eat it?, Can I have sex with it?, will it kill me?".

Plugging in photo's that are relevant to the text you are writing in a blog is very important.  But, is it just unnecessary noise.  Or are you using photos to attract people to read the words you have written?

Happy New Year - it is coming soon.  If you are wanting to figure out this Blogging Thing - Get over to Copy Blogger - they have great intel and make learning to write fun!