If you are in the Real Estate game - or if you have had a deal go sideways during the escrow period, you feel me.

Escrow Advantage is RE/MAX of Santa Clarita's "in house" escrow.  However, it is not only being used by REMAX Real Estate Agents.  Paris' Office is right off of the elevator (don't get any ideas :-) ) - Paris sees agents from other companies that are choosing to work with Troy Stairs.

"Connor, how do you know this..." The reason for the question is because saying that "others are choosing to work with Troy Stairs", needs clarification.

There are usually two sides to each and every real estate Transaction.  The agent that is representing the Sellers(the seller selects services, including escrow) and the agent that is representing the buyer.

How do we know that these agents are coming to Escrow Advantage at RE/MAX of Valencia when they are representing sellers?  How do we know they are going to use the Services of Troy Stairs?

Because, they stop by Paris' Office and chit chat!REMAX and Escrow Advantage

Here is a recent accolade that Paris had written about Troy Stairs.  Her dedication and accomplishment.  It was received by all at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita.

The response was resounding like when an entire stadium starts beating their feet against the floor of the bleachers.

Dear REMAX family,

When someone does a bad job a lot of people hear about it.

When someone makes personal sacrifices and gives a large part of themselves with each and every dealing - one might tell a few.

Connor and I feel it necessary to bring to our "families" attention to the excellent work of Troy Stairs with Escrow Advantage.

She gets to work early, she leaves late - sometimes after 10:30pm (we know, we have called).

We have had inquires on weekends and never have our requests fallen on deaf ears.  She is truly a remarkable Escrow Officer.

I have had the pleasure of working with several escrow officers throughout The Santa Clarita Valley and Elsewhere in Southern California.

Working with Troy was the first of many cases where I have been updated without asking. To get compliments from our clients about her work ethic and her ability to transform their seemingly endless questions to a quick resolve, that is indeed rare.

Furthermore, all while having that "typical Troy" voice smiling at us from the other end of the email or phone line.

To have all of the "answers" would be a typical response from most in a service oriented industry.  However, when the answer is not known by Troy, she is the first to admit and seek the solution in a Quick and Verifiable manner.

This is yet another reason why I am happy to be a part of the "REMAX organization" and REMAX of Santa Clarita Valley. It is the Superior Support Staff the owners have surrounded us Agents with, that truly makes the difference and keeps us agents, "Above the Crowd"!

Thanks Troy for all you do for our Clients and Paris and I.