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Speaker 1: 00:00 Home Safety Episode 2 we're going to talk about locks and making your way through the criminal element making their way up to your house. Good everybody. You can check out previous episodes I've uploaded all of these audio files. This is show number two. So one audio file so far into a YouTube playlist. You can see that SCV nest dot com forward slash Home Safety SCV nest dot com forward slash home safety no spaces and all that'll take you to the playlist player and you'll be able to see some additional information. Search for houses on their fancy stuff. I'm gonna make Ivery for those of you that don't know how to listen before housey radio dot com. Local agent here in Santa creatively serving green Los Angeles cities and beyond effective Saturday. The Lake Arrowhead Lyster property up on the mountain is there for to it top of the rim and all that sort of thing.

Speaker 1: 00:57 So that'll be something exciting the Saturday kind of gives you an idea how far we reach today from a cop's perspective as LAPD a long time went to a lot of community meetings and saw a lot of interaction between some of the best in the world and law enforcement. Myself included I want to throw that out there. No Eagle and then watch them talk to people about burglaries from our vehicles. Those types of crimes that unfortunately creep up on folks and say the first show we did was talking about being more self-aware. What's going on in your neighborhood what's going on even at the supermarket? How to Hide your personal information how not to get caught up and I don't really want to be nice to people. That's just the way we are as human beings want to be kind and friendly but at the end of the day, you got to make sure that you're not being taken advantage of in any way shape or form.

Speaker 1: 01:49 Zorin going to talk about the delay process when it comes to somebody getting into somebody's house. Now the rule of thumb is most of the criminal world Gilat want to go into it unknown situation said the law enforcement.

Speaker 2: 02:03 We don't want to go into something we don't know. So if time is on our side we're going to wait. We're going to watch and wait and see what's going to happen but if it's a situation where there's an active shooter for example time cannot be wasted and the cops got to get in there and take care of business. So we had a lot of that kind of tactical training with active shooters will you throw that on the other end of it you say will the criminal element criminal element doesn't want to get into a shooting situation because they may lose. They don't really want to encounter anybody. Now I hear these takeover robberies and people coming in and doing the raping and stealing and the beating for hours on end. That does happen but it's more the exception than the rule. Criminals are going to want to get into a place where nobody is doing their business and get the heck out of there before somebody comes home.

Speaker 2: 02:52 My suggestion is this one of the things that you can do and we talk about locks for doors all that's going to do is slow somebody down very expensive lock. It might not even slow them down any more than a cheap lock maybe a bar situated behind the door or you can buy these at home depot and Lowe's and other places situated behind the door so they try to kick the door mule kick at her front kick at her. However, it is or maybe use a shoulder. It's going to delay the process maybe we'll have to do two or three times. So talking about reinforcing the front doors yes definitely an option. There are other items that are situated by the end of the floor and you've seen them I think it looks like the tip of one of those push brooms Kyra and that's what gets sunken into the concrete slab and then gets slid down behind the door so if somebody wants to try to kick the door the door itself is going to stop by the end of the day.

Speaker 2: 03:49 I will throw this out. All we want to do. We would love to prevent somebody from breaking them. But if they want to get in they're going to get in. But this is going to give you time to respond. Time to grab whatever you need to grab time to hide yourself time to make that phone call. Time to get your family situated. That's what we're trying to do. So if we can do that starting in the street maybe stickers maybe I have an alarm sign.

Speaker 2: 04:13 Maybe if you do have an alarm make sure those signs are proudly posted outside. That doesn't cost people who want to come here. That causes people not to select your home exterior lights that light up when motion happens.

Speaker 3: 04:28 Now the rain system just wonderful system people don't appreciate it with rain you can actually subscribe to your neighborhood and you can see what dummies are going around they're stealing and taking your face because the doorbell or fled cabs are capturing it when they see a flood cab. Come on. The criminal element gets really freaked out. They don't want to deal with it. Now some of our focus that others are they're going to bypass that because they're going to have Masad.

Speaker 4: 04:58 So is going to be any kind of signature that they're going to provide at least visually when those cameras catch their movement. But again then you have the interior DNA sampling if in fact, the crime scene becomes so important that they run that unless they're wearing a sealed hefty bag. They're going to leave some kind of a signature in your residence. And like I said if the crime is heinous enough big enough to necessitate that kind of DNA sampling. Then the cops will do it. But slowing the roll down stopping them as they're coming up that's very very effective. And what that does is if you happen to be home that gives you time to get situated and prepare for them coming in. Now I'm not saying everybody needs to be fought. It's the comfort level that you have. Maybe you aren't a fighter.

Speaker 4: 05:51 Maybe when they do come up you're delaying their process. Finally, you dial the Nine one one finally get that door kicked in and why they're still there. The police show up. So that's a perfect scenario you haven't gotten hurt your family hasn't gotten hurt hopefully and they get taken to jail. Watch out for others that are also involved. Somebody is breaking into your house sometimes they're going to bring other people. Be aware that there could be other people involved as well. Be aware that you could have seen this person before. That could be something that has happened. It could be that you got caught up by a shoulder surfer in the supermarket. Somebody that was overlooking your shoulder that followed you home to your address or visited the address they saw on your driver's license and your wallet. And

Speaker 3: 06:40 a later date case the joint. Also be aware that criminals don't like particular streets they don't like cul de sacs very much. They don't like gated communities because typically there's only one way and one way out. They don't like streets that are on houses that are on quiet streets. They would rather the House be on a busy street. They would rather house be close to being able to get away on a freeway or with large major streets around they like those houses the best. And there's a certain playbook that they play by not really rules if you will but they don't want to get caught. So the more things you can show that's going to cause them to get caught as they're casing your house walking up to your house getting into that little the walkway that leads up to your front door lights coming on and so on.

Speaker 3: 07:32 The better. That's the best. It's going to cause a delay. And these lights if you have lights that are motion activated you can shut off the darkness. So they will come on during the day bringing attention to that particular light in case they're casing your house I want to do a daytime break-in at the end of it. It's. The worst feeling in the world. We lived in Palmdale. We came home after spending a few days at Paris's parent's house. We always entered through the garage and out the front door and the front door I had just installed one of those thick security screen doors that drilled into the door frame. So is there on the door so if you know those if that shot you can't see through it because the holes are too tight from the street.

Speaker 3: 08:19 So I had no idea when I was walking into I just figured we were going home. So I unlocked the door that was inside the garage and walked into my home. My family was getting out of the car at the time and I noticed it was really cold inside will happen to be because you know we were in the winter months we were there for three or four days because we're spending time with Paris parents in Newhall. And as I make the corner down the hallway past the kitchen to go into the entry room low and behold the door was open three or four rifles were stacked next to the door.

Speaker 5: 08:53 I said oh my gosh actually say that I said something a lot worse. And gun came out and called the sheriffs and told you to know Arjay and mom my wife Beris wait in the car clear the House and the sheriffs were called and saw this had happened a couple days prior. Believe it or not the guy knew we were home. He took his time and picked the lock. There was no forced entry. He picked the exterior door we know that because there was a lot of lubrication in there the sheriffs that came out to dust for prints and all no prints found. That in addition. He asked me how to use spray that front lock with WD 40 and a kind of lubricant said no. He said I was full of grease full of lubricants so that's where the guy used to get a stiff lock. To open a little bit easier. So he picked the locks. How often does that happen? I asked the sheriff. He

Speaker 6: 09:48 said not very often but we happen to have one serial burglar that's been going around Paga. This is years of years ago that picks lock his. So how long does that take? We've got to hunker down outside the door you don't want anybody to see you. A cop lived next door to me at that time as well.

Speaker 5: 10:07 But it delays his entry but he's not going to dare do that with people home. Just because there's too much at risk to take that time a lot of people want to go through a back door.

Speaker 7: 10:17 If you have a big dog it's probably going to prevent that lot of people want to try to break in through a window. Again if alarms have these glass breakage sensors there are wonderful glass breaks the alarm companies call the cub. They save the day. Your thought process when it comes to fortifying where you live. Is going to be a delay. How can you delay that person from getting into your home? What can you do to make them Terry? Make them take longer to get in there. That's a thought process. FAULKES you can use a by bars upgrading locks reinforcing doors. There

Speaker 8: 10:55 are a lot of different ways you can simple signs outside sensor lights things that get activated camera lights those are awesome and they're not expensive and something that you can install yourself. I've caught her Mac Ivery Maxus Paris. I've been wanting. This is the next portion of our show. Keeping safe and will have a third episode coming up regarding home safety that will help you best prepare will break down some of the other components of your signs up front from the alarm companies. Let's get into types of devices and the placement of those I've got a MacGuyver be safe. We'll talk to you soon. Check us out. How's it radio dot com? Thank so much for tuning in. Remember we do represent buyers and sellers of real estate so please send yours our way. Move along - nothing to see here.