Energy efficient real estate in Santa Clarita CitiesThere are "green" changes a foot within Santa Clarita and Southern California Real estate. It seems that if you are selling a home, it has to be judged on it's particular level of "green conformance".

We even have a new field within the Listing Entry pages on the Multiple Listing Service that is known as the "green" section.

Energy efficiency matters when it comes to real estate. While reducing your carbon footprint has always been a matter of choice, now the more energy efficient your home could mean more borrowing power for you. A new bill being put forth wants to add a home’s energy consumption into the formula that determines its affordability.

The proposed bill would mean, in simple terms, that the more energy efficient a home is the more affordable it is. The bill is meant to help those who are close on securing a loan, as well as helping to make energy efficiency more of a priority in new homes and homes that are being remodeled.

While tax incentives for energy improvements are always changing, expiring, and being reinvented, the SAVE Act is meant to provide overall incentives, a bottom-line desire for home owners and builders alike to improve the efficiency of their homes.

When a home’s affordability is linked directly to its energy efficiency then the drive to improve its interior functionality is greatly increased. Whether the SAVE Act is approved now or in the future, only time will tell. Regardless, this is a sign of what is to come with regards to real estate and future design trends.

Save Act for Real Estate <---click here to view the complete SAVE act PDF.