As you can see, to email the Santa Clarita home experts, you can click on the linked email address, that should activate your internal email on your device so you can email me a message.

Then we have the traditional Gmail - followed by the URL link, not in HTML as the first is. This is followed by how to email my cellular phone to reach the Santa Clarita home experts.

Communication is key in real estate. Being able to reach those whom you want to speak with about your real estate desires, goals and needs when you desire can be like putting water on fire.

During our past 20 years in real estate, My start 08/1998, had a lot of changes in the ways that we communicate with our clients.

We have transitioned between email addresses also. and are two that were in play for a number of years, which have been decommissioned recently.

In Real Estate communication is the key to success

Contact the Santa Clarita home expertsDuring our start, the face to face and over the phone business models of communication were the top ways in which we interacted with our housing and Santa Clarita home expert clients.

While that is still a majority of our business, I have been observing a change to text and online meetings.

A screen share is an awesome way for us to communicate with our Santa Clarita home expert clients for a few reasons. I will give you the top three.

1. Saves Time - meeting with us via our Zoom application can be done from anywhere in the world without having to meet in person. While I would never think this would be the only method throughout an entire real estate transaction, I have clients that I have never met physically. You can also throw in this method being environmentally friendly. If we are about sharing data and me showing my clients what their home is worth in the current housing market and why a zoom meeting will cover all those bases and more.

If I have set out to educate a Santa Clarita home expert buyer, the zoom meeting is also a great way for me to provide all of the necessary information via our Crash Course on real estate.

2. Saves Money - California Gas, have you seen those prices? Pretty impressive. I was in New Mexico a couple of months ago and their gas was less than 1/2 of what ours is?  Maybe they are closer to the shipping docks than we are in Los Angeles? - (sarcasm warning). Who wants to spend money traveling to a brick and mortar office. I go because that is what I am used to. But for a client to have a meeting with me in my office, it's totally unnecessary in today's real estate space.

3. Less Pressure - You are meeting from a point that you feel comfortable. It may be in your car, maybe you are on a plane, train or sitting in your apartment or at the beach. No matter where you are if you don't like what you are hearing, you can switch off. I hate high pressure. All of the training I have received always brings us back to getting a client to sign on the line which is dotted. That is an old school way. Today, being relational is the key. Every client I treat as the family I adore and doing so ensures that I am knee-deep in referrals from all of my clients.

How to set up an online meeting with the Santa Clarita home experts? Drop me an email and let me know what topic you want to be discussed. If you want to sell a Valencia - Santa Clarita home, make that the subject of your communication. If you are in the market to buy a Santa Clarita - Valencia home, then say that. If investing has crossed your mind, let me know that and I will make sure to build our online meeting around the best way to invest in real estate and build your portfolio.

Off-site meetings in person

Santa Clarita home expert agentsSome thinking of meeting in an office puts them off. So they want an off-site meeting with the Santa Clarita Home Experts. I say let's do it!

Starbucks, there are enough of these locations throughout the Santa Clarita - Valencia and Southern California Cities. In fact, most days when I am out and about, I'm able to squeeze in a meeting with new clients that are feeling out the real estate market and want to meet with me.

There are some clients that have a lot of things that have to be done before they can purchase real estate. Not all of my meetings with the Santa Clarita home expert buyers and sellers are doing those actions immediately.

I want my home buyers and sellers to always take their time and gather all of the information necessary to make their real estate endeavor the best possible. In my mind, the meeting is never a waste of time. In fact, those "information gathering" meetings are always very transparent and informative.

In this scenario, you can also leave very easily. There is no trying to figure out the way in which you came. There are no closed doors or receptionists to have to wrestle when leaving :)

Telephonic Santa Clarita home experts briefing

If you don't have the ability to do a Zoom Meeting, I understand. Some of you may not have, by choice, ipads, tablets, and smartphones. 

That being the case we will rely on a good old telephonic conversation. 

In most of these cases, we will also rely on me dropping off information that was discussed or me putting it in the main to your home.

Santa Clarita real estate telephoneThe same Santa Clarita home experts' topics are able to be covered, just without some of the "shabang" that is allowed when we are using video and other "helps" during our presentations.

Of course, over the phone, there may be items that fall to the wayside. That's why I always reemphasize things that are typically forgotten when our clients are within the transaction.

As an example, our clients rarely remember the "door knocking" portion of their due diligence when buying Santa Clarita real estate. Their due diligence includes things like having a professional home and pest control inspection.

With those items, the home buyer does not have to remember, it's part of the official record and totally recommended with very little option to not have those completed.

But rapping on the doors of all properties that may impact our homebuyers' interest in the home they are buying, that is not part of most other agent's techniques.

I have specific reasons why it is not something that "Most" agents will advise their clients to do. First and Foremost, unfortunately, some agents don't want to risk what may be found by their clients doing this type of door knocking.

Maybe they run into an X Wife that has a restraining order on file? I have had that happen. There are many other reasons that I explain to my clients that make this a very important step when buying real estate in Santa Clarita - Valencia or anywhere.

Point being - I will remind you of anything that may have been forgotten or glossed over due to the large amount of information that I convey to my home buyers and Santa Clarita home expert sellers.

Emailing the Santa Clarita home experts

This is but one method of communication with Connor and Paris MacIvor. 

Remember, if you don't have a return email quickly from me, your email may have ended up my spam file.

Another nice touch that I do with my clients, I will send them a quick text message to let them know that I sent them an email.

I'm Connor with the Santa Clarita home experts. Both Paris and I are your only contact with regard to our team. We are it and only vouch for ourselves. So hence our limits on taking new clients at a maximum of 10 total transactions per month.

This 10 can be composed of any number of buyers and Santa Clarita home expert sellers, just not to exceed 10 transactions in the process during any given month.

I have found that if we go above that figure, clients start not to have the communication and updates they deserve.

Please, when you are ready, reach out to us and I will take your real estate goals personally and help you develop them 100%.

Be well and thank you for taking the time to read the Santa Clarita home experts' email address for Santa Clarita real estate.