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There comes a time when we have start to think about the future.  The Older I get and the more interaction I have with my boys, the more I cannot help but wonder, "What is their future going to be like?"  Will my kids future be like one of those "sci fi" cartoons showing that the earth was so completely trashed that all of it's inhabitants had to move underground?  Or maybe even Space?

Some of the homes that are for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley have been prepared to assist to prevent that type of future unfolding.  That is why Benefits abound when you are considering having your home "Ener-sized.."

Efficiency is becoming more and more attractive in Santa Clarita real estate. Zero-energy-cost homes are being built more readily and promise home owners enormous savings over time. Of course zero-energy-cost sounds great but how can current home owners benefit from this trend? Luckily there are ways to improve efficiency in existing homes and the upfront costs can be assuaged by tax credits and long term savings on utility bills.

Popular energy efficient changes to existing homes include adding solar addition for heating hot water, a relatively easy addition to a home. While completely changing a home’s system is more extensive, it can be done but at a greater cost than implementing systems to new construction. The bonus is that tax credits exist for adding solar panels, a savings that when added to lower utility bills can increase over time.

Energy efficient homes have two side effects that attract buyers: they are environmentally friendly and save money on utility bills. Being green and saving money are important to today’s consumer so if you are remodeling with the intention of selling in the near future consider energy efficient improvements and make your home more attractive to potential buyers!

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