Local Sushi Restaurant great service in Santa Clarita CAWe love Sushi and we had been to Wokcano in the past.  However, it had been a while since we had gone to Wokcano - next time it won't be that long.

One of the things both Paris and I can agree on is when Management is good - the staff is happy and it shows.

We can also observe and get feedback from how the restaurant Manager works the room.  If they are treating it like being at a dinner party hosted by themselves - they are sure to be a winner with those that are frequenting the restaurant that they are managing.

This was the exact case when we encountered Gaylord Hill - A local Manager of the Wokcano Asian Restaurant and Lounge in the Valencia Town-center mall, Valencia CA.

As I said, we had been here before.  This time was a bit different than on past occasions   I am sure I would have noticed, maybe not - but this time it was very apparent.

I watched as every table had their turn.  Gaylord would approach the table and find something to mention or talk about, other than the same old - used up line, "Is everything tasting great??"

Tara was our server - she was a true pleasure.  She was very attentive and we lacked for nothing.  She also gave us her "true reviews" when we asked about items we were unfamiliar with on the menu.

We were very satisfied with both Gaylord and Tara during our recent visit to Wokcano in Valencia CA.  Try them out - they stay open very late, 2am if memory serves and have a late running happy hour too...  The phone number is on the photo - call them and see what their schedule is and when they are serving.

BTW - their Salad Dressing is Crazy Good!!!!