I have to say for the most part - during my 17 years as a LAPD Police officer, a Motorcycle officer and doing 5 years as a reserve that taught in-service and recruits at the police academy, I had fun.

That is not typically how one would describe a "job", as having fun. Most of those I worked with did not have fun at their job either.

How do you do your business

Today, in real estate, most of those that we work around, other real estate agents, never speak about their "job" as being fun.

I'm wondering when the "fun" left the building?

What had you heard? Did you hear that people should despise and not like their job?

The interesting thing about my observations have to do with one job being "government controlled with a mandatory rank and file component". versus the other job being one that was of an "independent contractor, no boss and a person's own business".

I suppose both of those are susceptible to hate from within. Those that hated the "rank and file" structure of the militaristic origination known as the LAPD, hated it a lot :)

There was never any happy medium.

With real estate - there are those that walk around "bit-chin" about how they should have more deals, their phone should be ringing more often and they cannot believe how many places my team is showing up on-line. :)

Here is the thing - as a sprinter is running, or a Football player is running from some "corn fed and hand spanked" thick man hell-bent on tackling him, in either case - if the runner looks back at who's in pursuit - they slow down.

If you, while sprinting - which is an analogy for being a mover and shaker in business -, you decide to see who's following or chasing you, you are going to slow down and even worse, maybe stumble and fall.

Some people take way too much time to recover and start sprinting again. This is my advice for the day - Don't care who is following you. Just focus on your own work and be consistent and persistent.

I used to be LAPD :)

Every day when I sit down at the keyboard, by the telephone, I feel as if I am creating "ART". My Blogs and articles are my ART. LIke Picasso painted beautiful pictures, I write as If I am painting beautiful works of art - the intricacy, the interlacing of the articles, the colors I choose in the way of embedded photographs, the plan with the charts, HTML and pieces of code I use - I am a Blogging Artist.

What is your craft - what is your business, how are you doing your content and article writing? Please share and thanks for reading the "how I do art".