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You may be surprised that most buyers re-paint just before they move in.  That is why you may want to lower your guard when it comes to picking colors.  Barring - Black rooms and Super Bright RED ones - those colors are hard to cover, let your "artistic prowess" enter the picture.

Most of the buyers in today's market - have their own ideas as far as what colors room's should be.  In fact, we find that most of our Buyers are re-painting most rooms before move in day.  Painting does not usually break the bank and is one way to "mark" a property as your own.

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Don’t be afraid of color when it comes to your home. While you may not be doing yourself any favors on the curb appeal department if you color the exterior of your home a bright orange, there are ways that you can use color both inside and outside your home that can make you happy and please the eyes of others at the same time. Today’s motto is your home doesn't have to be bland to be attractive.

No doubt you have heard to stick to neutral colors inside your home but it is important to realize that there is nothing wrong with color. Color, its hue and its shade, can change the look of a room by darkening and/or brightening it but it can also pick up accents in your decor. If painting all the walls in a room is a bit much try painting just one wall, which can accent the room and add a decorator’s touch to your room of choice.

Outside your home color can be a bit trickier. A color on the front door or using color for trim is the best use of a bold color. Of course the siding of your home can be a color but save the brights and bolds for window boxes and moldings.

Your home should always reflect who you are. If we go through life living in a space designed for someone else then we have to ask ourselves if we are really living. Of course if you are actively trying to sell you may want to tone down your personality but this doesn't mean you have to throw it away entirely.

Here is a pricing strategy tip when you are considering selling your home.  First - you want to be within the "comparable" value before we place your home as "active" within the "for sale" market.  The major reason for this is due to only having one chance to make a First Impression.  We want it to be a home run.  Second - The Internet Syndication website may only pull the "sales" data once every couple of weeks.  If there is a price reduction - it may not be publicized for that time - keeping buyers uninformed.  Get good advice and work with professional Realtors only.  Be Safe...