What is happening with Santa Clarita real estate companies

Today marks the fourth consecutive month that we have seen a decrease in Available homes for sale within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.   This reduction is continuing to effect buyers in all price ranges.  Buyers have confidence that their real estate professionals are keeping their ears to the tracks.  Click here to view the Santa Clarita real estate inventory.

We have also noticed that the more "plugged in" a real estate team is - the better results their clients get.  Being "known" in the local real estate community as a "forthright and honest" realtor is paying off with huge dividends in today's market.

There is not a real estate agent in the world that wants to get into a transaction with someone that "breaks the rules" at every turn. It makes for a difficult escrow and creates risk.  Risk is already prevalent in real estate.  We saw a great example of risk during the 2006 and 2007 popping of the real estate bubble.

Focusing on the prize - the commission to be earned is a mistake.  If agents would focus on their clients - turning them into friends - they would be much better off.  We can get along with just about anyone.  However, some clients are not a good fit for all Realtors.

We have had some clients where they themselves were playing on the wrong side of the fence.  We just cannot work with those types of buyers or sellers within real estate.  Examples - buying real estate, signing sworn affidavits from the banks, stating they were going to live in the property.  But in these cases, they are not - they are investors wanting to take advantage of a "owner occupied only" loan programs.

If we aren't going to be the voice of "reason" who will?  Be safe, get good advice and if a real estate agent is telling you, "Go ahead, sign it, no one will find out, it's done all of the time", run for the hills!!!

You will be the one case where they do "find out".  Have you ever seen a House of Cards?  It only takes a little movement or breeze to cause the entire structure to come tumbling down.

Looking for the New Santa Clarita Inventory - click here.

Our Paris911 REMAX of Santa Clarita Website has gone mobile.  We have posted up a couple of video's that you can access from your mobile device.  We have also plugged in our HTML5 mobile real estate search from our IDX suppliers - Diverse Solutions.