Every time we move somewhere, thinking to myself, "I don't think we have ever had a smooth transition?"  Something always seems to go a bit wrong.  Whether it is with the movers, the condition of the home, something breaking in the new residence, things we did not discover during our investigations, or something else arises.

remax santa claritaEven as Relocation Specialists - it happens to us as well.  Paris and I had made a few moves, on a personal level, before we started Representing Relocation Clients in 1998.

I will not tell you that your Relocation will be the smoothest ever - things happen.  What I can guarantee is the best Level of Accountability that exists.  I can also guarantee that you will have your questions answered and backed up by facts.  We also don't let very much time pass before being able to respond to an inquiry by telephone or if you prefer - by email.

I have said to our clients since the beginning - Renting First is always recommended before buying, if it can be and depending on whether the Real Estate market is in a decline or incline.

A couple of things you will want to know before moving, if you don't already:

  • I have learned that most of the times you are asking Google, Bing or Yahoo to Recommend to you a Moving Company - you are viewing results of "lead generation" companies that sell your information to "movers" that are not "local".  Be careful who you hire on a local level to move your most prized possessions.
  • I have also learned that searching for Lock Smith's and Re-keyers for residences and businesses also reveal that most of the results are from "lead generation" companies that have developed a HUGE on-line presence.  They sell your information to the "independent" locksmiths that don't have a "Brick and Mortar" local business.
In Both Cases - If you are good with working with those types of Businesses, it could place you at risk - but is your choice.  The things that chap my hide is in their method of operation and their "cloak and dagger" approach to their explanations and them saying they are "local" businesses.  Here's Nevou - Why not Tell the consumer that you are a lead generation business model and you are going to be sending their information to companies and service providers that you cannot vouch for and don't know - and that only pay you to get leads.  "Be Up Front - Everyone can respect that!"