I know what some of you are thinking, "OMG, not Craigslist - I don't think that is for me..." You might want to rethink your position if you feel that way.

The GREAT thing about Craigslist is the traffic it gives your own website.  In fact, in a lot of ways that traffic will get those fancy Google Bots crawling more often.  The more they crawl your "updated a lot" website, the higher your rankings will go for your keywords.

Sometimes, advertising and talking about your business benefits you in ways you did not think of or expect.  This is one of those ways in which we use Craigslist and Backpage with our Local Business of Real Estate.Advertise your local Santa Clarita Business

If you look at the Search Terms with regard to Santa Clarita Real Estate - They are very competitive.  We are page 1 for most organic search terms related to Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.  That is achieved by writing good "value based" content about what questions both Sellers and Buyers are asking related to Real Estate.

With your business, I know that you have heard those "questions" from your clients, customers, friends and family members.  Write about them, if you clean carpet don't talk about what a great service you provide and how you do it better.  Talk about the problems that are associated with someone not cleaning their carpets - The impact on a person's "health" and other topics.

Talking about Facts Related to health are not like screaming "fire" in a crowded hallway.  They are factual and the data can be obtained on websites like "ZapData.com" to get associated facts about your Business.  Once you get them - Write about them without stopping.

You will see your website and online presence start growing out of control.  (btw, that is a good thing...)

Have you given any thought to the "human connection?" - Give the staff at SCV concierge a call to inquire about membership.  They will have you shaking hands and kissing babies in no time!!!