I mean, is it really necessary to have "experts" put together a wordpress, drupal or other CMS install for you?

I have been with Kinetic Knowledge for the past 3 years.  I work daily to expand my knowledge about Wordpress by utilizing my Google Reader coupled with listening to hours and hours of Podcasts via iTunes about Wordpress and Search Engine Optimization.  When do I have time for Real Estate?  Well, I don't sleep much and have a team :-)

With all of the learning that I attempt on a daily basis, I have to say that I don't have a lot of "free time" to keep up with all of the changes with algorithms, wordpress and seo. I know my keywords and know what clients find valuable with regard to Real Estate. (you should too!)

I have recently started my own "self-hosted" installs of WordPress. I have built WordPress blogs with DreamHost, BlueHost, GoDaddy hosting, Simple Scripts and Host Gator. All are relitavely simple to use and most people are able.  Their wordpress installs work out of the box.  I have even joined Woo Themes, on a subscription basis, so I can install their themes on these "do it yourself" self hosted WordPress Blogs.

Do you know what I have realized?  There is a lot that goes on in the background of the Internet, which makes paying attention to the WordPress engine, a full time job.

The decision now comes full circle.  Do I abandon the blogs I have built and written content on or do I attempt to pay them the attention they deserve?

I type about 70 words per minute on my Acer Laptop, with bursts on my DAS keyboard up to 100 WPM.  However, even with an

My Real Estate Team

endless steam of ideas about Real Estate and what the readers find valuable, I find it very difficult to keep on top of the content.  I have started to sacrifice the necessary additions to posts, like the embedding of attractive photos. ----------->

Paying a modest fee to keep my "main blogs" running smoothly, with security updates and with Search Engine Optimization, is a necessary part of our Content Marketing approach to our Business.

Speaking of those blogs I built on my own self installs of WordPress, when visitors get to those sites, they only stay if they find the content valuable.  If they find they are "apparently new" without any value, they leave - so says the Analytics Data.

One other thing - when I call Chris and or Michael with Kinetic Knowledge with an issue, which I usually cause(which is very rare), they fix it.  When I have an issue with my own "self installs", I am on my own which takes valuable time from my business of Real Estate.  Real Estate is where I earn my living and this cannot be.

From a self-proclaimed "do it yourself-er".